Friday, October 22, 2010

Hello people of blogland!

Here I am blogging from County Durham at last....we have been here for a month and are now finally connected to the internet!

Alas, I cannot show my 365 calendar challenge because although I dutifully photographed my page, I have left the camera lead back in Yorkshire! I'll show October and November together. I've had fun with Tim's new leaf die.

I am still too-ing and fro-ing up and down the A1 between Durham and Yorkshire so my creating time has drastically been reduced because I have college commitments which unfortunately will not step aside! Plus I have been busy discovering the joys of this new city that I now live in... follow the link and check it out...

I have had a little fun of late though - Dyan asked me to teach at her Studio recently (yes - what an honour!) is what we made...

Nice eh?

My sister is visiting us for the weekend so I'm tootling off now - just wanted to drop in and say Hi to you all!