Friday, March 30, 2012

April is upon us

Can you believe it - four months into the year already!

Here are my pages for Kate's art calendar challenge - seeing as we've had an unseasonably warm March here in the UK, it inspired me to use bright sunny colours , although now I hear its going to turn cold - but hey ho.... C'est la vie - my page is here to stay!

This is how it started out. I used Dylusions paint (no longer available but watch THIS space) and spray inks - LOVE the vibrancy of these colours!

I used a She Art text stamp and Rangers coloured archival ink in random places...

...and loved how I was able to utilise that randomness - see its here in the roof of one of the houses - don't you just love when that happens?

This is how the whole page came together...

My mind is occupied with our forthcoming move in June and we get the keys to the house this month hence my use of the houses (from Dylusions 'Right up your Street' plate)

The banner is also Dylusions - 'Bags of Bunting' plate - I feel as though it adds a kind of party feel to the page - and it certainly suits how I'm feeling right now - kinda breezy and free :)

And here's March - just got to complete my last entry which I shall do at the end of today!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

That was the day that was....

Well I've had a great day, met some lovely folk, ate some cake, made some art, sang and been sang TO by a talking reindeer wall mounted plaque named Archibald... yes I have been to my little corner of heaven where only the strangest but bestest fun is to be had!

Fabulous Kaz Hall (what an eminent surname!) hehehe.... we are arty relations!

Christine was able to pay a visit to HER favourite place too after being under the weather for a while

Hmmmm ..... meet Archibald!

Most important person of the day (as every visitor will tell you) and provider of beverages galore, Bezzie Su

...who takes her work really seriously - Kaz was so pooped after teaching her session that Su had to feed her!

I didn't mange to take any more photos but you can get an idea of the fun and frivolities that make up Preview Day at Art from the Heart... Kate was there teaching and demo-ing,
it was great to see Ann and Pat, I had a lovely chat with Ruth and Irene and Deborah paid their first visit to Dy's studio - what a treat they had looking around the shop!

I know how they feel, I always come away from there with a smile on my face! It's like going to a party.... and indeed, I am going to leave you and take to my bed for the night to recover :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Are You coming????

It's Preview Day at Art from the Heart this coming Saturday - will you be there? I hope you can make it! I can promise you a great day out :) There will be chance to view the forthcoming workshops for the next few months and if you book a workshop on the day you get 10% off - bargain!
Also you get to eat cake, drink tea/coffee and chat with like minded folk... just the kind of thing we like to do on a Saturday!
AND there are taster workshops going on throughout the day with Dyan, Kate, Kaz and little old me :)

Here's a sneaky peek at some of my projects....

I'm including some of the techniques I've recently learned from fabulous Dina Wakley you know what the Chinese proverb says .... I am told and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand...
it's the best way to learn !

fun, fun, fun!
See you there!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Dina story

My recent weekend spent with these two lovely (if slightly crazy!) ladies was a little bit of heaven... you can see, amongst all the art making, much fun was had...

Dina is a fabulous tutor, her project for the weekend was a book, chock full of arty goodness and techniques galore... she showed us a fabulous way of stamping onto tissue and pasting the tissue over areas that had perhaps too much texture to get a crisp image from stamping in the normal way - 'twas indeedy very genius!!!
She taught us how to draw - the Dina way, using a magic pencil - available here

Now this is very different to the lady I drew with Chris (see previous post) but I LOVED doing this ... the others said she looks like Gillian Anderson (of Xfiles fame)

Our pages were full of paint, layers and texture, we used pan pastels, texture paste, gesso and so much more I can't begin to remember! the process was so enjoyable and some of the backgrounds I made were so lovely I didn't want to cover them with anything.... I did of course because another mantra that I have learned from Dina this weekend is "Don't fall in love with your backgrounds".... I shall store that away along with the first ever thing I learned from Dina which was "Remember the white space"!!! - I'm still working on that :)

This was another face I drew - yes I know it may not be perfect in the eyes of some artists (having said that I once went to the Tate Gallery in London and was bemused to see a whole hall the size of a football pitch given over to a crack in the floor that was described as art!!!) So yes this is MY art!
I love the oversized lips and decided to highlight them by colouring them in using inktense pencils... which from here on in shall be known as 'inktencils' so named by my humourous friend Ann

So Andy has named this page in my Dina book ' The Mick Jagger page' I loved loved loved the weekend and when Dina returns to AFTH, so shall I ... I recommend you do too!