Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Early Riser

I've always been an early riser. Being a young mum and housewife filled every minute of those mornings. And later, when I had a regular job, preparing for that consumed my time. Now our children have gone, and my work is irregular I've decided to put my dawn chorus risings to good use and do something for me :-) Something arty. 
Yesterday I painted a face in my journal, (see yesterdays post) that set me up for the day... I felt happy and inspired and peaceful the whole day. 
Today's page ....

A lovely background, painty, stampy and splattery. I added a quote. 

Satisfaction guaranteed :-)

Monday, August 26, 2013


Woke up early this morning thinking of Dina style faces.
It's ages since I painted a face so I went with the feeling and produced "Thinking Girl"

She still needs a little work but I've been distracted by the paint that's all over my PJ's! Oooops. Clean up time. 

Monday, August 19, 2013


It's been so long since I blogged but I'm just gonna jump straight back in, no explanations, no excuses.....
We're just back from a lovely holiday in France, a secluded place called Poulmarvezen, near Ploerdut.  Complete bliss. A couple of days before we left I received some brand new Dylusions stash, including the custom ink pad, although I could take only limited art supplies due to space (lack of!) this was calling out "take me, take me!"
I inked it up before I left with lime, turquoise and London Blue baby!

Also among my stash were Dy's new skellybob stamps and of course the handbag size journal (LOVE)! I also took my gelatos (for you Gemma Maggs) prismas, a few word stamps, pens - can't forget the pens!

Here's what I made.

A fun page, we saw an elderly gentleman riding to the boulangerie every morning which put this page in mind... Skeleton Queen with wings - riding or flying?

background made with gelatos and the new neon coloured montana pens

I took a few collage elements with me and also found the heart image while we were there  ...it seemed to fit the the skeletal frame 

background made with Dylusions custom ink pad -  c'est magnifique! and stamps

Rough translation of the quote -"It's all I can do is to dance" - almost looks like the 'walk like an Egyptian' dance - except we were in France :-) 

background - again the Dylusions custom ink pad and a few stamps

Like I said, the heart lends itself to this page very nicely I think, it was right there, in a pamphlet, waiting for me to come along and purloin it for my journal needs :-)

I enjoyed creating these pages, they put a big smile on my face and added to the relaxation value of my holiday... along with the sunshine and the wine :-)
Dylusions goodies, gelatos and FABULOUS neon coloured Montana pens, all available at the wonderous treasure trove that is  Art from the Heart. You need to check out those Montana pens - all the colours.... go back to the first pic and check out the background again, spot how those lines make the page pop. I love them!