Friday, December 17, 2010

I've had the day all to myself ... now there are LOTS of things to DO in the run up to Christmas, today I've cleaned the house here in Durham, a bit pointless really as we're going down to Yorkshire tomorrow for a month, so I'll have it all to do again at our house down there. But at least this house will be lovely and clean when we get back! I'm looking forward to Christmas with our family and lots of catching up with friends down there so I think it will be a busy time for us, but a welcome kind of busy if you know what I mean :)

I made some time this afternoon to play a little catch up with Dyan's advent tag challenge...

...but now I'm going to beautify myself as it's Andy's College Dinner/Dance tonight, I shan't be drinking too much 'cos I've got an early start in the morning...I'm doing a taster session at AFTH for preview day - hope to see some of you there!

Have a WONDERFUL and peaceful Christmas everybody - don't forget the reason for the season! x

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Today's tag offering...

Love his Santa legs don't you? hehehe

Here he is in all his glory - he looks like he's totally strutting his stuff doesn't he?

And so, onto some exciting news...I'm teaching some more workshops at Art from the Heart again next year and PREVIEW DAY is coming up soon...18th December. Put it in your diary and aim to be there as a fun treat to yourself in the midst of the busy Christmas season. I am going to be doing a taster session on that day along with Dyan, Kate and Marie. Dyan and Bezzi Su will also be - I want to say demo-ing - but really they will be messing around!

In my session, we shall be making a little mini book that looks something like this....

... mine is a little book of sister quotes, you can add your own favourites... they are lovely dinky little works of art - great to give as a gift.

I first made one of these back in March at a Dina Wakley workshop which she taught at Dyan's. They are simple to make but look stunning, now I'd like to pay it forward and show you how to make one of your own. Hope to see you there!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Short 'n' Sweet

You will be pleased to know, this is the first tag I've managed within the 15 minute time limit.

I just wanted to prove to myself that I could do it!

I had to keep it really simple though.... a DI background, cut out the image, word and quote, a torn piece of Blonde Moments Festive Feast, a border of German Scrap and that's it - done!

I'm hoping to drive North tomorrow, weather permitting (more snow forecast for the North East) so I'll have to show the tags on a less regular basis as time allows - it'll be back to the grindstone if I do manage to get there and the snowy honeymoon will be over....for commuters, perhaps that isn't a bad thing, but for my unexpected artistic interlude.... :(

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 5

Ho-Ho-Ho! That's the title for today - and rather apt I'd say, going with the quote!

I used a 7Gypsies stamp from the AVIGNON plate, a Chocolatier crest ...rather fitting I thought given my challenge pack for today! In our house, we always have a box of Hotel Chocolat choccies for our after dinner treat on Christmas Day - we don't eat the whole box you understand - but one or two, rounds the festivities off very nicely!

Wouldn't it be great if this quote were TRUE!

Snowbound and Challenged!

Well, the weather continues to be a source of disruption for many, including me...I would very much like to be with my husband in snowbound Durham, but I am NOT going to attempt to drive up there in unsafe conditions.

The last time I remember snow like this was 1981 when our son was born, I'd almost forgotten what it was like to get this much snow. It does look pretty outside our house though...

But it does mean that I'm not going anywhere soon...the car is under a foot of snow! We do have a garage, but its a big car and won't fit in there!

So, snowbound me is finding lovely, most welcome time to keep bang up to date with Dyan's tag challenge... today's bag revealed these...

And look what I found in my paper stash Dy!

This is today's offering, after rushing and trying hard to keep in the 15 minute time limit, I thought it looked a bit flat.... I added a few splats of paint.

Still not sure, but at least it looks like snow!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


I'm really into this tag challenge! And three posts in as many days - well, Janeyb, I suspect you will be dropping off your chair at this new regular blogging Sandy! hehehe

Day 3 - I'm a star! (Or maybe not if you read today's quote!)

To make today's tag, I used Mustard Seed, Fired Brick and Crushed Olive DI's for the background then I stamped and embossed Santa, from Tims 'Letter to Santa' plate - only you can't see him very well, but I know he's there. I smooshed a little black paint over the star (my charm for today!) I bought these a few years ago as dangly embellishments to add to wrapped Christmas presents.
Anyway, back to the tag, I wiped the paint off after a minute leaving some stuck there in the crevices to give the star a more aged look as it was a little too bright to begin with.
Next I cut out the image and words from todays lucky pick, added some legs from elsewhere, stuck them all down, inked and doodled around the edges and added my handle...

...very simple but such fun!

If you are joining in the challenge, let me know and I'll come visit.

Artistic FREEdom!

First things first... now I have every intention of working on my next essay for College today...but I decided to have a little 15 minute play to make a tag for day two of Dyan's challenge (got to get my priorities right people!) 15 minutes is only 15 minutes! I don't know whether I will post them on my blog every day but my intentions are good :)

When I saw what was in the bag I'd picked for today, I decided to substitute the charm for these little bells which I got from Paperchase last'll see why when you read the quote. I think I may be breaking the rules slightly - you're supposed to go with what you 'pull out of the bag' But I'm on a journey of learning to be FREE ... and I felt free enough to do this, so there you have it!

I have the idea to hang these tags on the tree (hence the 'handle') and I have a colour theme of red, green and gold so I think maybe I'm going to stick to those colours throughout...but you never know what being FREE might bring...

So here is today's offering...

I used Fired Brick and Frayed Burlap DI's for the background, stamped the fir trees from Tims Reindeer Flight plate, stamped Dyan's fir branch (Blonde Moments Just Plain Xmas plate) around the edges, splatted white paint, stamped the stitched border (Dylusions Around the Edge plate) Then I cut out and stuck Mr long Beak and the quote, threaded the bells with wire, curling it a little and attached them by poking the wire through the back and adhering it with lots of tape. Backed the tag and titled and labelled it on the back. Job done - 28 minutes - so yes - still outside the time limit - but you know what - I feel FREE!

So I hope I'm forgiven in my bid for freedom! I thought of the bells immediately when I read the quote for today - I couldn't resist and they are kind of charms aren't they?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'm in - just....

I didn't make my train back to Durham so I'm stuck here in Yorkshire under about a foot of snow. Besides that, I've been unwell today so I felt pretty miserable all round....until I read Dyan's blog this evening and decided to take up the challenge...and it has definitely cheered me up! Dyan explains it all so go here to check it out.

Now why is that charm flicked over like that...tsk...and I apologise for the shadow...its an evening shot:P

I used Barn Door, Aged Mahogany and Crushed Olive DI's for the background, stamped the wreath swirl from Tim's Spring Sprung, Dyan's tree from Bits and Bats, coloured the tree, added some snowy layers on the branches with a sharpie poster paint marker(topical don'tcha think?) stuck on Mr cynical Robin, (from Dyan's NEW Downloads) added the Christmas quote (also from the new downloads) added the charm, inked the edges with Pine Needles DI, backed the tag and added a 'handle'....

...I used the word as my title for this piece and then labelled it Jags of Christmas...yes it should say TAGS... be gentle with me, I've been unwell....

But it was mucho fun, although I confess, it took me 25 minutes! The challenge is to make a tag in 15 minutes....could you do it? This could be YOUR mission should you choose to accept it!