Monday, September 28, 2009

Here come the Girls!

A friend and I arranged to meet at Meadowhall today. Janice is from Lincoln and we haven't seen each other since March so we had a lot of catching up to do.
We had a coffee at Starbucks and a rather long chat. Then we went shopping....
Initially we had both thought we might get a bit of Christmas shopping done but it was more like "Girls just wanna have fun"!!
Here is Janice in Paperchase "Mirror, mirror on the wall (!!) .....
And then just because Christmas is coming...

Or "How about this saucy little number for my holiday?"
Janice and hubby Cliff are going on the holiday of a lifetime trip in January - New Zealand for 9 weeks!

We had lunch..

After a little (more serious this time) browsing, we stopped for another Starbucks - Janice had a mocha frappuccino - with whip....

I was more angelic and had my usual coffee light, double blended!

Evidence.... see - all I need is a halo!

Joking apart, I had a lovely time. I met Janice about two and a half years ago but we both knew instantly it was a heart connection. It takes effort to keep in touch and lots of things crowd in to steal our time. I'm glad we have telephones and texting and email 'cos they help to narrow the space between us.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Only one word for it!

OK that's a made up word but you know what I mean.... The new Blonde Moments papers are truly gorgeous! The colours have such depth and clarity, the designs lend themselves to so many projects and I just had to set to immediately..... it's not quite finished yet but you can see already how lovely the papers are!

I had only covered the front and my sister asked if she could have this mini book!
"It will go with my room" she said. I said "It will go with mine too!" But I have no doubt I shall have to make another for her... in fact I've already got an idea for another little project so watch this space.

I love the shading on the trees and the baubles.... in fact I hope to be learning this technique soon from Dyan herself at one of the workshops at her studio, if you haven't indulged, I can highly recommend you treat yourselves.

Add a few ribbons and voila!
I really enjoyed making this book, Andy (hubby) loves it too, he said we can bring it out every year, it'll look great on the cabinet. He's my number one fan.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Here are two ATC's I've made for a swap. Sorry the pictures are a little blurry, I'm just a novice!
I so enjoy ATC's, the beauty is you can do ANYTHING you like! Its your art, a little piece of you that you can share with like minded people.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Soul Satisfaction

Hey Bloggers, I've had a trip to AFTH today. I booked not one, not two but three workshops for myself! I didn't leave empty handed I know you're thinking I bought some goodies but that's not what I mean - I came away with Dyan's collection of Northern Soul CD's! tee hee hee! And NO I didn't steal them!!! I borrowed them to sync to my IPod.
A short post for now as I'm making some ATC's for a swap - I feel like binning one of them as I'm not happy with it but I've put it to one side for now and I'll come back to it maybe tomorrow... (well maybe not as it's my Mum's birthday and we're having a party!)
Will remember to take photos and post soon.
TTFN (old fashioned slang for "Ta Ta For Now"!!)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Special Times!

It was my birthday recently and my DH was away for the weekend! Our eldest daughter couldn't bear the thought of me being alone on my birthday so she promptly arrived on the doorstep, suitcase in one hand, bottle of wine in the other! It's mum and daughter time she said. Oh I loved it (EVEN THOUGH I HAD SECRETLY PLANNED TO PLAY WITH MY NEW MELTPOT PREZZY!!!! Didn't have the heart to tell her that!)
And anyway, I'm glad my plans were spoiled - these times are too precious....
We got straight into our PJ's, closed the curtains and lit the candles....chit chatted all night and had cuddles in my bed. The next morning (my birthday) she came and snuggled up in bed with me before we got up and made breakfast. A mango smoothie (It's too thick Mum, I need a spoon!)
How gorgeous does she look?

Yes that's me with a mango moustachio!

She stayed for 2 nights and then Jim and Charlie joined us on Monday, we went to Exscape
where Laura-Beth and Charlie "climbed the wall"

This was their first time ever and I'm glad to say they both reached the top and were pleased as punch with themselves!
My birthday treat to myself was a workshop at Dyans
Shelley picked me up at 8:30am as usual but we didn't arrive at Dy's till 10:40!!!! (Harrogate is about 45 - 50 minute drive normally!) No we didn't get lost, there was an accident on the A1 so we took a detour. headed for the M62 intending to get on the M1, but unfortunately there had been another accident on the M62! So all we could do was sit there, inching forward in the car. Would we get there at all I wondered.....
But make it we did, as ever Dyan had produced a fab project..... A Zetti/beeswax accordian folded book ... we played with Claudine Helmuth paints, images from Lisa's altered art and beeswax...
I love going to AFTH Dyan is a great Tutor and just has that gift of making you feel so welcome you're almost like family. (also she has great taste in music) Jill was there for her first time, I think she probably thought the rest of us were a bit crazy but I will bet you a £1000 she'll be back!