Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Metal Work

This project was in the August Craft Stamper mag, inspired by Linda Brown using the Ten Second Studio metal. I was up at The Craft Box busy preparing scrapbook pages for my classes when Lynn, showed me the article. She had just stocked up on all the TSS materials so we decided to have a play with them..... It was so therapeutic and indeed we were busy for a few hours - poor hubby at home wondered what was taking me so long! Working with the paper stump to stretch the metal and define the images was my favourite bit....i think....or it could have been splashing the alcohol inks on and seeing them run into the patterns I had just made using those gorgeous moulds, or scuffing the black metal and seeing the silver gleam through...or.... well I just loved it all!
So now I shall be having a go at creating something of my own - though I'm sure I shall end up having to make another of these mirrors (purchased from IKEA) as I have two daughters - can't have them squabbling over this one can I? Somehow I don't think my son would appreciate his morning shave using this baby - though his girlfriend Niamh would totally love it....so that makes it two I have to make!
I only got one photo because the batteries need charging and the camera switched itself off, so it doesn't do the actual thing justice, get the magazine and check it out. Fab. Thanks Linda!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I've spent a fab couple of days at Art from the Heart this week with my buddy Shelley. On Sunday we made a Quotes mini book....

And today we played with the melt pot and produced a set of beeswax cards using images from Lisa's Altered Art and Tim Holtz stamps. Mine are a work in progress....
This is similar to one of the first workshops Shelley and I ever attended at Dy's, (an updated version!) we worked it out that it was 5 years ago! For me, it shows that the best techniques stand the test of time, what goes round comes round! Beeswax is here to stay

In the afternoon Dyan produced a mini canvas in 7 minutes flat - paint, images cut out, beeswax the lot! That was a demo and a half! She told us we'd all gone quiet because of the calming smell of the beeswax but really we were concentrating on trying to remember what she'd just shown us! Here's my version....

I also made a couple of ATC's for a swap but I posted them before taking a photo! Now I shall be looking to add beeswax to everything I make.... I really do love that opaque look it gives to your art.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Woman of Substance...

I've been working hard doing a teaching course at college so I haven't had much time to create for a while. The course ends next week so assignments are handed in and I've had time for a little therapy. Here's the first look at a project workshop coming shortly up at the craft box. The title says it all!

What do you think? Those who are old enough will remember Barbara Taylor Bradford's book which inspired the title! Earlier this year, I made a mini book using this same title for Lynn's birthday and she loves it so much she sits and strokes it!

That was made using paints and ink, this is made using the gorgeous Black Society papers.