Friday, August 3, 2012

Atempts at a Dina-esque page

You attend the workshops, then when you go home you almost forget what you learned.... well if you're like me you do! 
But the thing is, its still there in the back of your mind, it keeps niggling at you, until you have to have a go at home. On your own. Sometimes it works and other times not. But you have to keep trying. And I will.

I'm a fan of Malcolm Gladwell, in his book Outliers, he  writes about people who excel, all manner of people from the Beatles to Bill Gates.  To get good at what they do, in other words, successful, they practised and worked and practised some more - Gladwell's research led him to estimate a figure of 10,000 times. Yes TEN THOUSAND! 

So here is my number one attempt at a technique taught by the fabulous Dina Wakely. 

 When I first attempted drawing this kind of face in Dina's workshop, she was there, urging me on..... sadly, she was not with me in my art room today! It's not what I want it to look like but its a start. Only 9,999 more faces to go!

Looks like she's got a cold, or she could be related to Rudolph! as in the red nosed reindeer :)

I used Dylusions paint and spray inks, Dina's stamps and what Dina calls, a 'magic' pencil, all available here

A Quickie!

A short but sweet post.... I'm finally catching up with my art calendar having had a little play in my art room this morning so here is August...

I got me some new stamps while I was teaching at AFTH the other day and I was just itching to use them! 

(You'll have to forgive my lack of patriotism - not using the Olympics as a theme this month)