Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ah Yes!

Had some ME time this afternoon so what did I do to "soothe me " and yes I had that old soul song by Sam and Dave playing while I was at it!
I altered a 3D chip board frame that Lynn had given me a while hands are all painty and inky but do I care? well not right now but in an hour we are off visiting!
I used an image from artchix studio of a lady (in a state of undress shall we say) wish I had this hour glass figure... I shall add something else spilling out of the box but Andy has called to say its time to go..... awwww!
Next time girls.....

Can't believe it!

I always say that time waits for no man and its so marches on relentlessly! Our friends' son was 15 the other day and it seems like only yesterday that he was a little boy with a lisp! (When we're crafting, Shelley always asks me to pass the "gwoo" 'cos thats how Brad used to say glue!)
I couldn't find a suitable card for a 15 year old so I made him one!

To make it appealing to a 15 year old, I used Tim Holtz idea'ology metal ware and salvage stickers. Brad loved it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Lovely Day!

Saturday 20 June - Andy graduated from Bible college....just a few graduation day photo's....

Two proud daughters!

Alastair, Steph, Andy, Me, Jim, Laura-Beth, Martin and Niamh.

Stan, Shelley and Brad joined us for an Indian meal later on that night...I think I look a bit worse for wear!

But Shelley had plenty to say!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A bit of fun

Its been a busy few weeks for us, I'll share why later! My husband graduates this weekend with an MA in Missional Leadership, so our children, Martin Laura-Beth and Steph are descending on us to celebrate, so I'm one very happy Mother as it's been a while since we were altogether and with Niamh, Jim and Alastair (their partners) coming too, there won't be a lot of space in the house! A very cozy weekend in store!
As a gift to celebrate Andy's graduation, a friend has just presented us with this fantastic painting which she's been working on for two or three years!, her interpretation of the Angels visiting Abraham and Sarah. Take note that virtually the whole of the painting is encapsulated within a great big heart - I love it! What lessons can I learn from this!

In between all the preparation and celebrating birthdays and our anniversary I have manged to make a little mini book for a friends daughter....what I really need to do is get down to creating some more scrapbook pages for my classes....I'm sure there will be some great family pages after this weekend!

I'm sure Amelia will have great fun adding her own personal touches to this little book!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Withdrawal Symptoms!

I've been absorbed with a book I'm reading at the moment to the point where I haven't done any crafting apart from making a few cards for some of my old Y2 pupils who turn 18 this year!
The book has been enlightening though so its worth a mention.....its called "blink" by Malcolm Gladwell. He's fast becoming known as one of the 'modern thinkers' of our time.
It's about how we use our intuition to size up people/situations' in an instant- he calls it 'thin slicing' Its more than that though, Malcolm suggests that although we all think we make up our own minds and operate free will in our lives, there are times when we are manipulated - now I'm not talking about blatant stuff here - (we all know that everybody manipulates to get what they want) but the subtle ways in which our subconscious is affected and can cause us to make snap judgements that are often prejudiced. Or so subtle that our behaviour, or reactions are altered!
So I'm trying to become wiser and retrain my subconscious! So big changes afoot in the life of ME
Check the book out - its probably not a choice for a holiday read but if you are into self growth, its worth a look.
Bye for now