Thursday, June 18, 2009

A bit of fun

Its been a busy few weeks for us, I'll share why later! My husband graduates this weekend with an MA in Missional Leadership, so our children, Martin Laura-Beth and Steph are descending on us to celebrate, so I'm one very happy Mother as it's been a while since we were altogether and with Niamh, Jim and Alastair (their partners) coming too, there won't be a lot of space in the house! A very cozy weekend in store!
As a gift to celebrate Andy's graduation, a friend has just presented us with this fantastic painting which she's been working on for two or three years!, her interpretation of the Angels visiting Abraham and Sarah. Take note that virtually the whole of the painting is encapsulated within a great big heart - I love it! What lessons can I learn from this!

In between all the preparation and celebrating birthdays and our anniversary I have manged to make a little mini book for a friends daughter....what I really need to do is get down to creating some more scrapbook pages for my classes....I'm sure there will be some great family pages after this weekend!

I'm sure Amelia will have great fun adding her own personal touches to this little book!


  1. The painting is beautiful, she must have put a lot of love and time into it.

    Love te envelope tag book, lovely colours.

  2. Hi Sandra

    Thank you for your message - I haven't posted it to my blog as it wouldn't have made any sense LOL! Yes it was a shame that Gill didn't manage to get in contact, the phone number she called is still my valid one? She called my mobile on Tuesday (which again hasn't changed) and let me know to come next Monday, I emailed Sarah to let her know but she can't make it next Monday but may pay for a 'pack' so she doesn't miss out if you know what i mean and I didn't get any links on my blog from Gill - yes the contact situation fell down well and truly despite the fact that I've always filled out the forms there and then whenever I've been asked for contact details! Hey ho and on we plod - apologies for the lack of full stops, I tend to write how I speak which is fast! On the plus front I'm only five minutes up the road!

    Congratulations to your other half on his MA - an unusual subject to pick - how did he decide on it as a subject? I'm always intrigued with that side of things, my boss is currently doing a PHD in theology! Little man did his first holy communion at the weekend and it was an absolute blessing!

    On the homework front, I've revamped some instructions for you and got two examples and Craig's done a template for you to play with - I'll bring them on Monday, might get there a bit earlier if I get chance.

    The picture you've been given is absolutely stunning - a real gift and the mini book you've made is fabulous!

    I've had a couple of interesting weeks in that for the last two weeks my blog has appeared on the front screen of UK Scrappers forum. Basically I've put a note on there if I've blogged and then people have gone and had a look - they've obviously liked what they've seen, the pink mixed shape book I did for my sister's birthday appeared as a link on the front screen last week and this week they've put a link to the Voodoo Vixen blog and my blog with my take of the Voodoo Vixen book - it's taken my meagre hits on my blog from around 5-10 a week to over 600 in two weeks - I've even put a counter on there now to keep an eye on it! I've never had anything published in the magazines (although I've been tempted to send off on occasion) and my blog is obviously relatively new so this has been a whole new experience as I wasn't expecting such a positive response!

    Anyway enough of my war and peace I'm sure you'll be bored of it by now LOL! Have a fabulous family weekend and enjoy it all - lots and lots of photos as always and I'll see you on Monday



  3. I'm so sorry my posting was so long - I thought it went to you first to be moderated so you could just read and not publish - hey ho - Craig says I need to shut up now because I'm taking up more room LOL!

  4. That painting is beautiful i would love to see it. I am sure you will come up with something you always do and i can't wait. The book is lovely as well, she will love it and if she don't i will have it LOL!