Saturday, September 26, 2009

Only one word for it!

OK that's a made up word but you know what I mean.... The new Blonde Moments papers are truly gorgeous! The colours have such depth and clarity, the designs lend themselves to so many projects and I just had to set to immediately..... it's not quite finished yet but you can see already how lovely the papers are!

I had only covered the front and my sister asked if she could have this mini book!
"It will go with my room" she said. I said "It will go with mine too!" But I have no doubt I shall have to make another for her... in fact I've already got an idea for another little project so watch this space.

I love the shading on the trees and the baubles.... in fact I hope to be learning this technique soon from Dyan herself at one of the workshops at her studio, if you haven't indulged, I can highly recommend you treat yourselves.

Add a few ribbons and voila!
I really enjoyed making this book, Andy (hubby) loves it too, he said we can bring it out every year, it'll look great on the cabinet. He's my number one fan.


  1. This is lovely Sandra. I love the new papers too and have just finished a project in it, but will have to blog it later. Hope you manage to keep yours, but I bet you don't! xx

  2. What a great project, they are lovely papers, will have to get some of those. The ribbons match beautifully. Love Sandra x

  3. It's gorgeous Sandra - I'm still too busy stroking mine to have actually set them to a project! But now you've got me thinking!

  4. The new papers are gorgeous and you have done something fabulous with them :-)