Sunday, January 31, 2010

Family Times are THE best!

So today I added my last journal entry for January....I know we're only one month into the year but I feel a sense of accomplishment that I managed to make an entry every day! I'm loving the 365 day challenge set up by Kate and can't wait to see what every one else's looks like!
Gotta get cracking on with February now, I've still not decided what I'll put on so will have a play later tonight.

Andy and I went to Leicester yesterday to visit Laura-Beth, Jim and Charlie.
Charlie loves his Wii - although he always tries to get me to play, I'm not too clever at it! There is too much going on and I can't co-ordinate the controls quickly enough - I'm always first to crash out of the game! It's funny to watch them at it though - running with their arms(!) going ten to the dozen.....oops - I've just noticed Laura-Beth is in her PJ's on this photo - she might be cross with me!

While we were there, went for a walk in Bradgate Park - it was REALLY cold so we had to play Gladiator games to keep warm! Laura-Beth chased Charlie, Jim chased them both - there were squeals of excitement - you can't beat that sound!

Then we had adventures like climbing over onto the island where they only speak Spanish.... imagination - you can't beat THAT either!

I LOVE this funny faced boy who came into our lives and captured our hearts just 3 years ago!


  1. Wow, your calendar looks fab :-) They look so different when they are filled in. Lovely work. Now, get cracking with your February page LOL!
    Your family outing looks like fun :-)
    Kate x

  2. Sounds like a fun day!! Do you have a "mini me" character?? Mine looks so funny!!!!!

    Love the look of January!!!

  3. OOOOH it's great seeing all the calendars, you have made a brill job of it. I hope to get mine on my blog later, if not tomorrow. I wonder how many of us will complete the full year????? x

  4. Like Kate says your calendar looks fab. I love all of your mini art journal doodles.

  5. The edging on the squares is really effective framing. Never thought of that and I do it on big pages though. Your right about squeals of fun can't beat them. Roll on February.

  6. Well Done on completing the whole of January. Your doodling looks awesome & so do your backgrounds. Sounds like you've had a busy weekend. Gez.xx