Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blog Awards....

Recently I was nominated for this "beautiful heart" award by Virginia. I have to confess that I don't like being in the limelight and struggle to accept compliments....I know that's daft...we all like to feel appreciated and I'm not saying I don't... (truth be told I probably need to be told more than you!) It's just that I feel kinda self-conscious about it. Why? Well I think there's a journal page in that! Any interpretations?????

Anyway, I thought I'd quietly accept it and forget about it, but then she went and awarded me another...... so Ginnie, I want to honour that and I'm being brave and posting them.... I accept both graciously.

You have to pass it on and name five others for the awards so I'm nominating:


  1. Well thanks so much for the award! I am very grateful to be one of your 'chosen ones'. I will try to get it onto my blog but me and technology don't get on,lol. I'll give it a go though and thanks again. x

  2. Thank-you Sandra!! Lovely of you to think of me...trying desperatley for the past few days to update my blog but every time I get close something occurs that stops me! Very frustrated but that's family life for you...maybe tonight?!? xx