Friday, March 19, 2010

How goes it with you?

I thought I'd post a few pictures of some of the things I've been up to this last week.

Check out this piccie of my ancestors! I'm not only pleased that I have this fab photo, I'm fascinated by their footwear... I used to own a pair of those pointy almost ballet like shoes in my youth when I trekked all over the country to Northern soul events! (I got them from a charity shop and they were in good 'nick' - also, they were great to dance in!)

I used the photograph on a vintage layout at the scrapclass I teach at the Craft Box at Elsecar Heritage Centre - subject "Ancestors" We had a great time talking about our heritage and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the class (and I'm proud of you Helen, you jumped in with both feet and scrunched that paper up even though you prefer 'neat'!)
We made tags using transfer images - this was the quietest part of the class - in fact it freaked me a little because everyone was SILENT! (would have been a different tale if Janet's sister, Ann had been there....)
This is Karen's creation. Everyone loved the technique, (the proof was in the silence!) so I'm sure it will be used again in the near future!

Look at this - everyone on task - they might talk a lot but they get on with their work too!

I really enjoy the classes, I've been teaching there for over five years now and some of the students have been with me nearly all of that time... it's a community in itself.
Most Thursdays Andy and I visit our friends Stan and Shelley. Stan is a photographer so he's usually behind the camera... on this particular day, I had my camera on me, so I snapped a photograph of him...

....and Shelley, who was in her PJ's and makeup-less!

On Saturday, Laura-Beth and her fiance (ooh I love saying that!) came for a 'day before Mother's Day' visit. We went for a walk as the day was sunny and crisp - my kind of walking weather!

Jim playing the joker!

I've also spent many hours this week taxi-ing our youngest daughter, Steph, and Uncle Frank around to various appointments - I felt like a prisoner in the car! Its quite alarming how much traffic there is on the roads these days.
Its been a sad week because Uncle Frank has come to the realisation that he won't be able to manage Auntie Glad coming home after all, even with support, so we've had to deal with the emotion of all that and look for a residential care home near to where he lives. There are still issues to deal with and lots of tears for us all. But for now, I feel relief. Does that sound strange? or cruel?
I've managed a page in my A5 art journal. Its a doodley page - because of the kind of week I've had I suppose... the doodling was therapeutic - I did a little work on the page every evening and it soothed me.

The Beatles image has got nothing to do with anything, I just liked it.


  1. Woa, you've been a busy bee this week SP. Love the journal page, I must get back into that malarky, and what a week with your aunt and uncle. You know where you'll get your reward. I just lurve that scrapbook page my kinda scrapbooking. xx

  2. Love you post Sandra, the ancestor page was lovely to do on Monday, I wasn't necessary looking forward to the class as my head is so swamped with work but it was sheer bliss to sit and play and chat and talk and everything and added to boot the lovely transfer technique! Absolute bliss, I'm saddened that things aren't working out how your Uncle had hoped but know that it is a big relief for you because you have been so worried. The trouble with dementia is that it eventually robs you of the whole person and knowing she is being cared for 24/7 will mean that the time you and your Uncle have with her will be quality time. We still have this bridge to cross with Craig's Mum and as his Dad is no longer about we know that it will be a decision that will come sooner rather than later but in the meantime she's managing with lots of little bolt ons to make life manageable. Sending you hugs and hope you feel like you've been released a little more from your prison! Love the journal page and the image absolutely gorgeous.

  3. I love that scrap book page a bit grungy that's me. You have certainly had a busy week and still managed to do a wonderful journal page.
    Pat xx

  4. Busy, busy.....!!!! Love the tags....and that photo is just beautiful xx