Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Two days of Arting plus Photographic Evidence..

Dina Wakley taught a two day workshop at AFTH this week and I was one of the very happy bunny's who managed to book a place!

(The beautiful smiley girl on Dina's left - which is your right as you look at the photo! - is Mell, who lives just down the road from me in Doncaster)

Look who got to play!!!

Even Dina got to play....well actually, I suppose this is work as she was giving us tips on how to make our journal pages look good! (How lucky is she to have a job that is this much fun!)

Surprise of surprises, my old mate JaneyB was booked on the workshop too, which I didn't know until I arrived, so we sat together and had loads of catching up to do. (At this point I would like to say that we are NOT the people who laughed and caused the ruckus that Dy mentions on her blog!!! - well OK, we were PART of the group of people who laughed and caused a ruckus!)
See below for another member of the rowdy is Sue Roddis (sorry Sue, I only got this photo of you and your eyes are closed!)
The hilarity came because Beatrice had been sat with Sue and Sarah for the whole 2 days and it was only when Dy's delivery of the Craft Stamper mag arrived and she was checking out Sue's latest article that Beatrice screamed "Are you Sue Roddis? Oh I LOVE your blog!!!" We all dissolved into laughter and made fake bowing motions to Sue, who had to deal with all the unwanted attention! (She told us off!)

And look, Dy is still managing to play a bit, even though she had to keep jumping up to do this and that... you know like helping Emmi to make lunch and sort out delivery mistakes and such...

Anyway, here are my pages... Dina helped us to get our "toolbox" together - all the techniques to help us create layered and textured pages. One thing she said that struck me (and she got this from a Lynn Perrella workshop) "You can't get the layers if you don't put in the work!"
So ..... there you have it.... art is work..... So whilst I was having the MOST enjoyable two days...I WAS WORKING!!!

I loved adding the white to the page....Dina is big on white space on a fact I took a piccie of Sarah, Sue, Milliande and me 'worshipping the white space' in Dina's gorgeously gorgeous journal.....which was really us just being daft but I forgot to load it in this post!

Works in progress....

I had a bit of a 'Charlie's Angels' theme going on here .... stage one

....stage two.... I manged to have a bit of a mentoring session here with Dy 'cos I wasn't quite satisfied with it, so we discussed my options... this may become a tryptich in the near future so watch out for it!

See, I put in the work... check out those textured layers!

And here's my other 'Charlie's Angel' piece. Looking at it now the image should have been offset to one side, but hey, I'm still that pilgrim on an art journey and learning all the time!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Dina, I had a fabulous time!
Check out the white space in the top LH corner - I am a good student!


  1. Cor Sandy looks ammmmmaazing! Im soooo envious - should journal about it me thinks LOL Seriously its brilliant to see your journalling going from strength to strength - i so need to get my butt into gear. Michelle and i have decided to start a club for art journalling - mostly so we have the space and time to make ourselves do it! So far there are 5 of us who want to get messy together LOL

  2. I'm sick, sick, sick as a parrot, that I was not there. These are FANTASTIC, so creative. Can't wait to see them in the flesh. The colours are beautiful, oh, I'm lost for words, but I have al ump in my throat, they are divine. xx

  3. OMG!!! I am SOOOO jealous but mostly I am happy that you were there and you had the best time by the looks of things! It was lovely seeing you on Dy's blog - I thought I recognized the back of your head then spotted you with your apron and thought "Yay! ...hope she remembers her camera!!" - and you did! The photos are FAB-U-LOUS - I am amazed at Dina's style and you all seemed to have learned it fantastically. The pages you created literally made my jaw drop - beautiful. Well done.

    Can't wait for May but in the meantime have signed up for Dina's online class - Art Journalling 101 which starts in a couple of weeks.

    Must go and play with paint now - was going to do some ironing but I can't possibly do something so mundane after seeing all that lovely art!! xxx

  4. Now listen here Sandral, if you want to hold your hands up and admit to being a tiny cog in the wheel of ruckusness then be my guest. But do not, I repeat DO NOT, go roping me in with that and tainting my name (which is, Verity!).

    Had a fab time, it was great to catch up, and boy what a class!!

    Lotsa lovexx

  5. Wow wow wow, that looks fabulous. I'm sick with envy - I had to go to work :-(

  6. I love the way Verity???? is still denying being involved, lol.
    Sue Roddis, when did she sneak in..????
    It was such a treat to be sat with you and your art is fabby. Love my pressie, thank you. Love you loads xxx mwah

  7. Looks as if you were having a GREAT creative time.

  8. Loving the Charlie's Angels theme LOL. Another one here who couldn't make this class due to no jolly's left at work. Gorgeous gorgeous pages Sandra so layered and vibrant - I did do Dina's on line class Journal your Life and her techniques are fab.

  9. brilliant post and also the few before I have just had a catch up love your pages.

    a lot of fun had by all I can see.

    charlies angels... I posted last week about them on the papergirls blog ...must be some thing in the

    have a great week end.

    chriss x

  10. these are fabby dabby, brill. I'm sorry I couldnt make the 2nd Dina's day. but at least I got one.... your pieces are truly imaginative. Ciao

  11. wow that is my idea of 'work', stunning pages and it looks like you had an amazing time at the workshop, thanks for sharing - happy weekend XXX

  12. Woo hoo, white space!!! Repeat after me...white space is my friend...." hee hee.

    Loved meeting you, loved being inspired by YOUR work! :) Hugs!

  13. OMG I am soooo envious you look like you had a fab time at the workshop.
    Those layers are amazing and everything is so wonderfully colourful.
    Can't wait to see more and I think your 'Charlies angels' piece is just goooorgeous!!
    Thanks for sharing
    Chris xx

  14. Wow!!! Looks amazing....not sure I'm quite ready for this yet, but who knows...given time?????? xx

  15. Sandy these pages are marvelous!!!! I am jealous too!!! I have taken a few of Dina's classes online, but I imagine they are incredible in person!!!!

    Great work!!!!