Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Birthday MONTH!

Taking a leaf from Kate's book and Sarah's book, I have decided to post this story in episodes!

I recently had (one of!) my birthday celebrations at Art from the Heart. There was a sparkle missing because as many people know, Dyan has been ill and was unable to be there. However, Ben and Katie stepped up to the mark in true 'Reaveley' style! They prepared the room with birthday fayre, balloons poppers and all. Katie started us all off before having to leave and Ben was left alone to cope with all of us... it didn't faze him a jot....

We had planned to have Jude join in the celebrations (even though she lives about 300 miles away!) through skype - yes the marvel of technology eh? Jude had bought some of the canvas mats we were using when she was down in Harrogate at the Dina Wakeley weekend so she could 'join' us in making the graffiti canvas purse that Ann is showing here....

It didn't happen though because as I said Dy was absent, and she would have set up the link through her laptop .... but here are some of the birthday crowd... Shelley and Sharon....

My sister, Lynn....

My sister, Diane.... (our baby sister Brenda was missing - some of her staff were off work that day and as she's the boss she couldn't leave the office understaffed) When we are all together we are know as the Jones girls

you can spot Christine there about to impart some wisdom to our Diane...

Lesley and Anne-Marie... I have to tell all the ladies who attend my Scrapbook classes - they FINISHED their project on the night!!! They are notoriously known for chatting so much in class that they never finish anything - although I do add here that for the last few weeks Anne-Marie has made a concerted effort!

And Gill... ha ha, I HAD to post this photo - it makes me happy because photo's like these bring back to your memory the conversations that were going on at the time...
I shall just say that they were funny....

You can just see Pat there, hiding behind Gill... she managed to be hiding (from my camera at least) for most of the night!

Unfortunately, a few people were unable to make it too ...Lynn, Virginia and Janeyb.

I'm going to leave it there for now and will do a 'show and tell' post of the lovely gifts I received next time.


  1. Looks as if you had a wonderful time, Sandy - great way of celebrating your birthday. Lovely to see your sisters, too.

  2. Had a fantastic time Sandra, thanks. I love the bag and really enjoyed making it, even though it was as hot as, and just like being in a sweatshop,lol. I shall put some photos up later in the week. xx

  3. Looks like a great night, brings a whole new dimension to crafty parties - doing them for grown-ups! Happy Birthday!

  4. Looks like my sort if party.

  5. OOh and I meant to say Happy birthday!

  6. Belated birthday wishes, glad you had a good time, at AFTH. Hopefully Dyan will soon be well and back doing her fab classes. x

  7. We had a fun time Sandra with a laugh a minute and eating stuff I don't normally eat, infact I think I ate most of the chocolates. I loved making the purse, it was something different.
    So glad you liked your prezzie I loved making it apart from those damn flowers LOL.
    Crafting birthday parties for adults, brilliant idea.
    Love Pat xx

  8. SOOO sad I couldn't be there...even via computer!! Looks like a great party though, love the photos. xx

  9. Oh it looks like so much fun was had Sandra :P Those purses look fabulous too!