Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sister's day out - plus Mum and Dad!

There are four of us Jones girls. Lynn, Diane, Me and Brenda (age order) We try to get together often, although busy lives and work sometimes prevent that. But we always make sure we celebrate our birthdays with a 'Sister's day out' around the time of our birthdays - Brenda and I share a date as her birthday is the day after mine. This year is her 30th wedding anniversary too - they married on my birthday - and they are going to Madrid for a special celebration, so we brought our outing forward.

We take gifts with us wherever we go and have 'an opening prezzies' ceremony! As you can see, we had an open air ceromony this year - on the cliff tops at Filey.
Brenda got to go first...

(I'm only showing these two so you get the picture...)

The piccies of me are on their camera's! I didn't have as many goodies to open as they decided to fund my need for art supplies so I was given cash this year, along with a lovely cup, earrings, make-up and things like that!

This year we decided to take our Mum and Dad with us as both of them have had poor health and we wanted them to see just what we get up to on our legendary Sister's Days Out! They were very excited when I picked them up, they love it when their girls are altogether - and they got us all to themselves - no husbands, no grandchildren! Just like old times.
Mum loved every moment of it and so did Dad - especially the fish and chips part!

So that was celebration number two... and its not over yet!
This will certainly be a month to remember in my art calendar - So far I have only recorded a snapshot of each day and haven't even embellished the pages yet except for the background - I'm too busy socialising! (You all know that means I'm worn out, right?)


  1. Sandra - how fantastic is this - you have the most wonderful family led Ideas and to go to Filey too how very special x Your birthday month sounds fabulous I hope you get many more days of being spoiled rotten x Janet

  2. Oh but worn out in such a fun way. I'm loving this series of yours - can't wait to see what you are getting up to next. And what a fab pressie - pennies for supplies! Yay!

  3. Sandra this is wonderful, you are so lucky having sisters and such a lovely family to celebrate with all this month. I hope you have a wonderful day on Monday.
    Love Pat xx
    PS I love Filey too.

  4. What a lovely blog post. Wonderful way to celebrate...thank you for sharing with us!

  5. Happy birthday Sandra. xxx

  6. Happy 59th Birthday (just in time) x Christine