Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September arrives!

Well Autumn is dawning, but I hear we're going to have an 'Indian Summer' this month, with hot temperatures.

Now although my 'birthday month' is over, I received some more cards this morning from Carmen... once upon a time, I had a few curves like that burlesque lady in the glass! Somehow, the age of fifty crept up on me and stole them away! Thank you Carmen for the lovely words you wrote inside!

And how cool is this from Jude? It tells the story of our recent Dina Wakley weekend together at AFTH Jude has used the portafino joke, a quote from my blog, and the fact that I love Northern Soul - a touch of genius Jude!

I love them both! - all of these handmade cards are like treasure to me and inspirational - they will have a place in my room alongside the art journal magazines and books! That way I'll get to look at them often.

I've been very busy (socialising mostly!) this month, and although I faithfully wrote what I'd been doing each day, I didn't manage to 'embellish the August page in my art calendar (see here for the challenge that Kate set out)

It looks kind of bare here doesn't it? But I do intend putting finishing touches to it because I've so enjoyed doing this.

I used spray ink and a stencil for a quick background for September (which I did sometime in the middle of August!) but again I need to add an image or two because it looks a little bare on the right hand side. Also, I used the last piece of paper I owned from the 'Stella Ruby' range (Basic Grey) It has been my favourite out of their papers - sadly discontinued. I only had a small piece left, enough for 15 journal blocks so I lightly spritzed some cream card with walnut ink for the other 15 blocks.

I chose Autumnal colours, but as I said earlier, it looks like we're going to have an extended Summer, so I might have chosen summery colours had I known that. Never mind, the Autumn palette is my favourite so I guess I'll have fun this season, I've got October and November backgrounds to create.

Checking out until October, when I'll be blogging from a County slightly North of here!


  1. Yay! It arrived!! Glad you like it - loved putting it together!

  2. love the cards, so clever. hope the move goes well and smoothly. keep safe. Ciao

  3. What fantastic cards Sandra, you must be really proud to be so well thought of.
    Love your September pages, not yet finished mine.
    Pat xx

  4. Happy birthday Sandy! Remember 50 is the new 40 and you don't look a day over 30 anyway :-) Hope you enjoyed all your celebrations. I LOVE the cards you received - lucky you.
    Well done on keeping up with the calendar challenge - your pages look gorgeous. I'm afraid I havne't even started September yet ....

  5. Oh *blush* didn't think you'd show it - am NOT a card maker :P Love the other one you got. It's so clever!

    Bet your August pages are telling a tale or two there :D

  6. If I didn't love Jude so much, I'd hate her - how COOL is that card! Good luck for the move and everything..

  7. Hi Sandra, happy belated birthday! I've been trying to remember if I'd already thanked you for the lovely comment you left me after my Dina Wakley posts. It was very much appreciated. So 'Thank You'.

    Julie :-)

  8. We'll expect September all completed when we next hear from you then! All the best for the move.

  9. Ooooo your blog is always such an inspiration, loving the september pages especially - the background is amazing XXX