Monday, November 29, 2010

365 Challenge...

I think two posts in two days is a first for me!

I had an appointment with my GP and a hospital appointment to attend today, but didn't I say yesterday that snow can't half scupper your plans - and you know what they say about speaking too and my big mouth... I couldn't get the car off the drive this morning and I had to ring in to cancel the appointments. Of course I took the opportunity to...... PLAY in my adopted room!

I've outgrown the little bedroom I used to work in, so when Dad gave me this larger table after we had moved half of our belongings up to Durham, (including the bed from this room) I decided to stake a claim on it! I put the table in front of the large window for lots of lovely natural light, you can see that boxes of things are starting to creep in, but for now I am walking between the two rooms to get what I need, then I take it back (or not as you can see!) I'm even using a linen basket as a side table!
It would be nice if Ann's husband Maurice took pity on me and made me a side table cum storage area like the one he made for Ann! Or if I had Shelley's THREE massive IKEA expedit storage units....In my dreams.

This is the street view now outside my door, and I feel frustrated that I haven't been able to keep my appointments - if they had been afternoon one's I would have gone, but it was really snowing at 8 o clock this morning when I had to make the decision to go or not - Andy had just 'phoned me (he's in Durham) to say it was snowing like a blizzard and lightening at the same time up there! Crazy weather.
Now I've got to wait for more appointments AND make the trip back down here to attend them. GRRRR.

Ok, moan over, I did have a happy couple of hours playing... preparing the December page for Kate's 365 Calendar Challenge

I decided a blue background would suit the chilly weather... I used the Dylusions tree stamp (above) and lovely holly images from collage anonymous (below)

I'm using old bits of 7Gypsies 'sushi' papers and also Blonde Moments 'Suet Pudding' range for the journal blocks

I used a Magenta alphabet font for the 'December' title. Nothing is stuck down yet but I'm happy with how its coming along so far....

Oh... and here is my lovely tree - complete with lights but no baubles - note to my girls...are the memories calling you? "Come home to help Mum..." (The prickly boring bit is done!) hehehe!

If I keep this up, I might see you tomorrow....


  1. But just think while you are dreaming away about the shelves and units. Some of US are so jealous they YOU have a room all to yourself. Yes, I am a tad green sitting here :P

    We haven't had proper snow yet here in Kent. About 7.30 this morning there was a huge flurry and I thought this was it, it's here but by 10am it was all gone again and back to just being freezing. Don't want it to reach here but know it's only a matter of time - my back is killing me - a sure sign something unpleasant is going to happen weather wise ;)

  2. Awesome page in your art calendar, love it, the colour and the trees are wonderful. I have yet to decide what to do with mine, must make a start.
    Hugs Pat xx

  3. what a lovely aside to being snowed in, at least we got to see some of your fab creativity :), hope we are going to see your huge tree once it is all prettied up xxx

  4. I just had to pop over to see your smiling face... :) Your calendar is gorgeous!

  5. Your December paid is looking great, I've started mine, but again, not got much mojo, spent most of yesterday watching stuff on tv that I'd recorded, how lazy is that. We've had another 4" of snow this morning, getting fed up with it now, lol. Hope you manage to get out today. xx

  6. Heyyyy, your calendar page is coming along great :-) Love the blue, and the use of Dy's tree. I haven't even started mine yet ....
    Loads of snow here - about 8 " but all schools still open so far. It's minus 5 out there already tonight . Keep warm!

  7. Hi Sandra, thanks for popping by my blog :-)
    Glad I popped by here 'cos I'd forgotten about sorting out Dec pages for the journal ;-/ - I did remember yesterday but forgotten again. Your pages look great! I'd decided to use blue too; great minds eh? hehe
    Anne xx

  8. The cold weather does have an upside - extra creating time! I painted my first background layer for my journal page this morning before work, mught get some more done tomorrow...Loving yours, by the way!

  9. looks lovely, hope to be with you soon. xxxx

  10. Your Dec page is looking gorgeous and very seasonal Sandra. (haven't started mine yet). And loving that pink padded chair in your craft room.

    Thankfully we've not had too much snow yet, but I guess it wont be too far behind!
    Keep snug!