Thursday, January 20, 2011

A big sigh!

Thought I'd better do a post to show what I've been up to lately ...I've been in Yorkshire for a month but now I'm gearing up to go back to Durham and start the trekking back and forth again... a few mental adjustments will be required!

Andy went back on the 12th to finalise his work for a 90 minute seminar he has to give (today actually - I'm waiting for a 'phone call to tell me how it went) I stayed down here as my parents have been ill and Andy's Dad in hospital so I was left with 'family duties'!

Anyway, yesterday I was guest Tutor at Art from the Heart The project was 'Facebook' Everyone I know (except ME) is on Facebook, I like the title, great for a minibook full of your favourite faces!

I only took two photographs, I was too busy, er... enjoying the conversation...

Their books were gorgeous and they went home delighted that they had finished the whole book - apart from the addition of glossy accents, I love that stuff and go through bottles of fingers always ache from squeezing dots on this and know how it is ...well I discovered that Dyan sells little bottles - much easier on these old fingers and one (or two!) just happened to fall into my basket...see that's the trouble with working in places where you can SPEND what you earn before walking out of the door!

Last Sunday was Art Journaling at afth ... a FULL class, stuffed to the doors. Here are a couple of pages...

...both in this little journal which I bought in Whitby (the Abbey gift shop) a couple of years ago. Gorgeous isn't it? The paper is handmade and has great texture. I glue two or three together for a better surface for paints etc... Dylusions of course - I LOVE them!

And then, as I was still in Yorkshire, Ann invited me to join the 'Ladies who lunch' on Tuesday, they are a great bunch of ladies who get together regularly, have lunch, have fun and MAKE STUFF. How can a girl refuse such an offer?

They had decided to work on Tim's configuration boxes - well I just happened to have one (found it under the Christmas tree hehehe!) so off I went and I had a great day meeting new people and messing about. Mine looks like this so far, although none of my pieces are stuck down yet because I don't know if I want them where they are now - or even if I want them in there at all! Although I love the carousel and the policeman. Anyway there is lots more titivating to be done.

Right 15 minutes till Andy calls - I shall go get comfortable 'cos I'll be on the 'phone for a while... I miss him dreadfully :(


  1. Glad your guest tutoring day went well! I aren't on facebook either, I am resisting it but fear I shall soon fall into the trap as its all anyone talks about these days! Great day on Tuesday, cant wait for the next one.

  2. So glad your Facebook day went well, sorry I couldn't be there. Your journal pages are fantastic, just love them, such vibrant colours. The configuration box is wonderful, you have such fantastic little things to put in the compartments and I love the way you turned one of the boxes the wrong way round, now there's creativity for you! Hugs xx

  3. Love the box with all the 'bits' - no I mustn't!!
    I certainly like your take on Facebook. I've managed to avoid the on-line version too. I was impressed by your glossy accents - does that mean that you get to talk posh (o;
    Hope you've enjoyed your 'phone call by now.

  4. I am not on Facebook either although I keep getting invitations to join but I will resist.
    Glad you enjoyed your guest tutor day. Your journal pages are wonderful love the colours and your little book.
    The box looks great and like Ann I love the way you have turned one around.xx

  5. Oh Sandra all that creativity is beautiful! The facebook book looks fabulous and I bet all the ladies were pleased that it was complete before they left all bar the glossy accents (I also have a slight addiction to those LOL) it means they can go home and play with photos and glossy accents and then it's done! A lovely accomplishment. Loving your journal pages in your journal - believe it or not it was only last year LOL - we bought the same book a few days apart - as yet I haven't succumbed to using mine - think I might dig it out!

    Finally your playday with Ann - wow that crafting is gorgeous! Hope it was much fun (I'm sure it was Ann is such great company)

    I hope family members are recovering and haven't been too poorly and hope you're phonecall went well!

    Sending super huge hugs from me - miss ya!


  6. The Facebook project looks wonderful Sandy, love the art journal pages too; all fab colours :-) That little journal you bought is gorgeous.
    Your configuratoin box is wonderful and I loved the theme you chose; good idea to have a theme!
    Anne xx

  7. Love, love, love your configuration box!!! Am going to have to acquire one very soon!!! The mind is willing to's the flesh (well the finger pressing the 'add to basket' button) I have the problem with!!

  8. Hello lovely lady of the lock - just so you know Bekah loooooooved her 'Facebook' I wathced her face break in to one of those big inner smiles when she opened it and looked through it - so huge thanks for the inspiration and the time. Hope thursday went well for Andy and you have a fab re-union weekend ;0) Xxx

  9. Hi Sandra, Fab work!!!!!!!!!! Love what you have put in the box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!

  10. It all looks wonderful. I love the Facebook book. I so wish I could take one of your art journalling classes *sigh*

    As for the real FB - if you do - prepare to just lose hours. I joined because there is a lot of comps run by companies on there but am now totally addicted to Zuma Blitz!

  11. Hey there!! LOVE the box - it's right up my street!! Need to go find me one of them... The Facebook is gorgeous too.

    Coming to AFTH for my birthday and doing Kate's class - will you be there?!? Please say YES!!! It's been way too long. xxx

  12. Wow, that was a long blog post! Glad your class at AFTH went well - I love the idea of a facebook! I didn't see your finished journal pages on the Sunday - it was too crowded - but they look really fab. The colours rock! And very nice box you made at the 'ladies wot lunch' club :-) You seemed to get a bit further with yours than the others did with theirs from what I have seen (but don't quote me on that!!) - how much crafting goes on compared with how much talking? That's what I want to know! Byeee for now xx

  13. Oh wow! Such a lot to comment on. I hope is a little easier when you get back to Durham.
    Lucky girl to go to Ann's ladies who lunch. I was reading about it on her blog earlier and LOVE what you have done with your thingy :)
    I adore your journal - it's so pretty and perfect for what you are using it for. Sounds like you had LOADS of fun at Dyan's - I so wish I was nearer!!!!!
    Take care

  14. Awesome stuff....sending you a big hug from the sunny Arizona desert!

  15. RFL @ titivating - sheeehs I haven't heard that word in years.
    Love your face book (if its any help I don't do face tube either LOL)
    I absolutely adore the colours on your journal pages too.
    I so need to find the time to get to Harrogate - maybe one day!
    Take it easy Sandra & keep on keeping the faith X

  16. I love your post and all of the eye candy! I bet your class was amazing! I truly wish I lived near so I could play there!!!

  17. Hi Sandy, you are in the draw for Tilda...

    not sure why I wasn't following you - I put that right whilst I was here.


  18. Oh Sandy I LOVE your book.....wish I lived nearer to AFTH....I'd love to do a workshop.........may have to 'work' on DH!! S xx

  19. ooooh love your configurations box and the fab colours of your journal pages missus. You make them look sooooo easy.
    Sounds like your FB class went down a storm...wish I could have been there :D Can't believe you have resisted FB for this long
    Chris xx

  20. So many inspiring projects !!!! Your class looks fab, I remember you doing sneak peaks earlier in the year. The confugurations box - wow !!!!!!! just stunning. Wishing you well with all the travelling and hoping the family members are all on the mend, nothing more worrying than poorly family, take care and big hugs xxx