Thursday, May 26, 2011

Our own Royal Wedding!

The day of our own 'Royal' Wedding dawned - a little windy but the sun was shining.
Some bloggy friends have asked me to share a few photographs so here they are - I was so busy socialising (I LOVE being with my family) that when I uploaded the photo's, I realised how many perfect shots I missed!

The dresses await the Bride and her bridesmaids.

Steph's hair..

I love this shot of our two girls...

Laura-Beth bought these 'I Do' blingy crystals for the bottom of Steph's shoes...

"I'm so excited Mum!" That's me in the background and yes - I had my hair straightened!

The Wedding car caused quite a stir - the races were also on in York so it was very busy and a large crowd gathered outside the church, when Andy and Steph arrived they cheered, whistled and clapped - Andy said they felt like celebrities! (Move over William and Kate!)

Jim, Laura-Beth and Charlie

Is this a proposal?
Actually, they are getting married next year :D

Mum and Dad

Andrew, Stan and Shelley

Niamh's Kurt Geiger shoes also caused a bit of a stir - not least, everyone asked how did she walk in them! (those plastic heel caps had to be worn to protect the floor of The Merchant Adventurer's - a medieval hall)

Martin and Niamh

The absolutely fantastic Ceilidh Band...

A special day was made even more special because Andy's beloved sister Marilyn was able to be there, indeed, here she is dancing!

That's me cautioning Andy not to embarrass Steph during his Father of the Bride speech! My cheeks are rosy from the wine!

Mr and Mrs Taylor!

And yet another stir was caused by the fantabulous choccywoccydoodah cake... I don't know if you've seen the tv show? Everything on the cake is edible - sculpted from chocolate! Spot those lego people on the top? It was served with coffee after the meal - I didn't even get a piece and they are away on honeymoon now so I hope its still OK to eat by the time they get back!

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