Saturday, March 17, 2012

That was the day that was....

Well I've had a great day, met some lovely folk, ate some cake, made some art, sang and been sang TO by a talking reindeer wall mounted plaque named Archibald... yes I have been to my little corner of heaven where only the strangest but bestest fun is to be had!

Fabulous Kaz Hall (what an eminent surname!) hehehe.... we are arty relations!

Christine was able to pay a visit to HER favourite place too after being under the weather for a while

Hmmmm ..... meet Archibald!

Most important person of the day (as every visitor will tell you) and provider of beverages galore, Bezzie Su

...who takes her work really seriously - Kaz was so pooped after teaching her session that Su had to feed her!

I didn't mange to take any more photos but you can get an idea of the fun and frivolities that make up Preview Day at Art from the Heart... Kate was there teaching and demo-ing,
it was great to see Ann and Pat, I had a lovely chat with Ruth and Irene and Deborah paid their first visit to Dy's studio - what a treat they had looking around the shop!

I know how they feel, I always come away from there with a smile on my face! It's like going to a party.... and indeed, I am going to leave you and take to my bed for the night to recover :)


  1. Cor looks like you had a blast! wish I could have come too but was teaching all day myself :0) Love to you all you zany and slightly bonkers lot xx janet

  2. Oooo it was loverly to see you too my friend. Glad you had a good day, we certainly did, loving the new look with the glasses xx

  3. And YOU my dear girl, where fabulous mwah xxx

  4. What a fabulous time! As always it was wonderful to see you, you give the best hugs ever!! hope its not to long til next time....thanks Sandy for the love, hugs and laughs xxx

    kaz x x

  5. It was soooooo good to be in harrogate again. Really enjoyed seeing everyone and chatting. So many lovely project difficult to choose what to book for. hope to come again soon. x C

  6. Bwahahahahaha... I almost wet myself laughing(too much information?? lol) those glasses splutter splutter... I love how up for a laugh you are missus. Looks like you had an awesome time.. thanks for sharing all those fab pics. Makes me feel like I was part of it even if I couldn't be there.

    Chris xx

  7. I had to come back for another look at those AWESOME glasses...ha ha ha
    Have a fab weekend my friend x

  8. Looks like wonderful company, wonderful fun.