Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sillouttes, Faces and Gelli Plate backgrounds

I've just spent a wonderful three days at Art from the Heart with the very fabulous Dina Wakley
It's not my first time under Dina's tuition (in fact its my fifth!) and I can tell you it won't be my last! 

Can you tell I'm a big fan? hehehe

The silhouettes class

I got to sit with my dear friend Janeyb which was a nice surprise as I didn't know she'd be there and its always good to meet up with old friends right? :)

 My second class was faces, Dina style.... she took us through her way of drawing faces in stages .... well I'm not quite there yet and I suspect it will take oodles more practice but Dina gave lots of encouragement  so I'm being brave and letting you see mine.....

first attempt....

painting the face... its all about light and shadow.... 

....painting the page in blocks of colour and then drawing a face.... 

free time.... I'm out on my own....

There's lots to work on here but I really enjoyed this class and will certainly be drawing more in my journal :D

And then it was the Gelli plate class - much fun was had and much mess was made in the making of these backgrounds....

and the very best of all was that my beloved joined me for the day! He had much fun too :D

Its preview day at Art from the Heart this Saturday (23 March) and Dina will be there doing a book signing of her inspirational book "Art Freedom".... I encourage you to come along if you can  - there are copies of the book to purchase in the shop but if you have already have your own, bring that along (and if you don't  own a copy, trust me, you really NEED this one!)  


  1. Great work Sandra I wish I could have been with you. Lovely to see Andy there taking part. Will see you Saturday weather permitting xx

  2. Looks like several days of painty fun! I love the silhouettes, like you I am not good at faces (any drawing, to be honest) . I agree about the book, it is fantastic and a must have!

  3. This is very great work Sandra. Really beautiful and so much to ssee.
    lovely greet

  4. It was great to see you and Andy on Monday

  5. Gorgeous work Sandra, love your faces, they really are good, you're being hard on yourself. Glad Andy enjoyed the day xx

  6. Oh Sandra how fabulous doing a class with hubby - loving all the work that you did and the faces are fantastic!

  7. Gorgeous - love all this stuff and also loved the experience of being taught by Dina once again - i admire those who did the faces, i'll never be brave enough to do that one ;o) Safe travels today please xxx