Monday, August 19, 2013


It's been so long since I blogged but I'm just gonna jump straight back in, no explanations, no excuses.....
We're just back from a lovely holiday in France, a secluded place called Poulmarvezen, near Ploerdut.  Complete bliss. A couple of days before we left I received some brand new Dylusions stash, including the custom ink pad, although I could take only limited art supplies due to space (lack of!) this was calling out "take me, take me!"
I inked it up before I left with lime, turquoise and London Blue baby!

Also among my stash were Dy's new skellybob stamps and of course the handbag size journal (LOVE)! I also took my gelatos (for you Gemma Maggs) prismas, a few word stamps, pens - can't forget the pens!

Here's what I made.

A fun page, we saw an elderly gentleman riding to the boulangerie every morning which put this page in mind... Skeleton Queen with wings - riding or flying?

background made with gelatos and the new neon coloured montana pens

I took a few collage elements with me and also found the heart image while we were there seemed to fit the the skeletal frame 

background made with Dylusions custom ink pad -  c'est magnifique! and stamps

Rough translation of the quote -"It's all I can do is to dance" - almost looks like the 'walk like an Egyptian' dance - except we were in France :-) 

background - again the Dylusions custom ink pad and a few stamps

Like I said, the heart lends itself to this page very nicely I think, it was right there, in a pamphlet, waiting for me to come along and purloin it for my journal needs :-)

I enjoyed creating these pages, they put a big smile on my face and added to the relaxation value of my holiday... along with the sunshine and the wine :-)
Dylusions goodies, gelatos and FABULOUS neon coloured Montana pens, all available at the wonderous treasure trove that is  Art from the Heart. You need to check out those Montana pens - all the colours.... go back to the first pic and check out the background again, spot how those lines make the page pop. I love them! 


  1. Two fabulous pages, love the smelly on the bike. So glad you had a great holiday hope to see you soon xx

  2. WOW I adore the yellow page, the colours are so vibrant, may have to take a look at those gelatos, although I've decided not to spend much on crafting, the purse is getting a little depleted, you know why, lol. Both pages are scrumptious, you are one talented lady, mwah xx

  3. Ohhhh. I keep hearing about these journals. Will have to add to my never ending list of things to save for.

    I love your skelly people - they make me smile SO much - especially the one on the bike :D I'm loving seeing you back in Blogland x