Saturday, April 4, 2009

I have just returned from Art from the Heart in Harrogate ( with a bag of goodies and a smile on my face....I've booked a couple of worshops for my friend Shelley and I. As I said before I love going to workshops at Dyans, you get to spend a whole day creating and best of all, to round off the day you can shop, shop, shop! Dyan has been one of my crafting mentors and I've learned some great techniques over the years. Now I'm off to play with my goodies before my beloved gets home from the football match......

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  1. Hi Sandra

    Ooh Art from the Heart I am envious, I've just finished off last nights book and just got to stick the frame down now. I've been and bought a bigger frame and I'm on with another of the same but in wedding colours for a friend whose getting married this summer! It's starting to come together and looks gorgeous - if I get it finished for Monday I'll bring it along to class. Have fun playing with your new stuff