Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Time flies when you're having FUN!

The saying "Time waits for no man" is so true....I wanted time to stand still for a little bit today because I was having so much fun.
Number one reason - I was spending the day with my friend Shelley, number two reason - we were going to afth in Harrogate have kinda defined this as "our space" because we get to chit chat in the car all the way there and back and we so enjoy messing about and making stuff - - it doesn't matter what it is - sorry Dyan - we just love doing it TOGETHER - no interuptions from our men, kids, 'phone......

We let our creativeness surface - that's easy to do when Dy is on your case! Well here's what I made today...we used Claudine Helmuth paints and they were fantastic, such a wonderful sheen to them... I learned a lot about them and now I want them all!
I added the rub on when I got home as I thought it fitted well with the quote I'd used and rounded of the day perfectly.


  1. Oooh Sandra it's gorgeous - I've seen a few of these on Dyan's blog and love the fact that they all turn out so different! I love the colours they are beautiful! I've attempted to do last Monday's class but not up to the usual standard as didn't have the original only photos for inspiration. I think Craig would have been up for staying if we hadn't had pizza on order! I was a little baffled though how I was supposed to do the layout without black cardstock LOL - think it must have been omitted from the bag - thankfully I had a spare sheet. After I'd put so much together and looked back at the photo I said "Ooh no - Sandra's done a frugal layout and I've been sticking things down like no tomorrow" hey ho! Hopefully be upright enough for next Mondays class

  2. Wonderful, love the colours and the 'Create', told you that you'd want the paints. Glad you had a good day with Shelley.

  3. Sounds like you had a fab day. Love your canvas.

  4. It was soooooooo lovely to see you girlie. Love the "create". Might have to pinch that idea, lol... xxx

  5. Found your blog via Dyan's. The canvas is lovely. Whenever you go to Art From The Heart you have a fantastic day and come away with such inspiration. I will be there next Saturday along with 3 friends and can't wait!!!! Keep up the blog, it's looking good!
    Sue x