Saturday, May 23, 2009


Last night I visited another craft room extraordinaire! This time it was the turn of my friend I don't want to sound like an envious person because I'm not, but her crafting space is amazing. One large room, two (large) desks to work on and oodles of storage and yes - overflowing with goodies! (in every size, shape and colour!)

Gill had seen my 'Create' canvas and loved it and she just happened to have two canvases (four actually!) for us to play with. Well with an invitation like that what is a girl to do but step up...

We used Adirondack acrylics as Gill hasn't got the Claudine Helmuth paints (yet). The results are different but just as pleasing....we got good and painty "Do you want a pair of gloves" Gill asked "No, no Im fine" I answered ... ought to have thought about that as I met up with my daughter to go shopping in Derbyshire today and had some strange looks from shop assistants every time I made a purchase!
I need a quote and some finishing touches for mine, which I will get round to...I just love this kind of messing about - it's a different kind of creativeness than designing scrapbook layouts for my classes.
I added splashes of paint to the flower, some filigree metal squares and a Tim Holtz idea-ology key....

Don't you just love this unusual button? Its almost pebble like..

And here is Gill's creation .... again, paint on the flower along with a bit a stickles, metal corners around her quote, "fru fru" feathers under her flower, a touch of bead work around the edges ....she went one better though and added TWO idea-ology I just call that plain greedy....


  1. Hi Sandra, love the canvases........ and yes, they are addictive!! lol

    Have a great weekend Lynne xx

  2. Hi Sandra

    The canvases are beautiful and both so very different! I've just finished (and uploaded to my blog) yet another box frame book, this one for me though! It's the first of several projects I'm on with and I've set myself the challenge of getting some of these projects finished this weekend. Maybe the canvas will have to be next! Hope you are having a great weekend.



  3. The canvasses are brill. Love the colours and embelishments. Very clever.

  4. Sandra - both canvasses turned out beautifully and yes, 2 keys is greedy!! Love the sheen of the Claudine Hellmuth paints in your previous post! =)

  5. As Sandra said previously, yes I have now purchased all the CH paints from Di's, plus a few other goodies including some more of Tim Holts ammo. Sandra , originally went to collect my stash, but got caught up with Flutterby Crafter organising more things, and ruddy well forgot my stuff. She is now forgiven because this enabled me to buy more and more, maybe i'll to add some more metal to my picture yipeeeeeee. Gillxxxxx