Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I've spent a fab couple of days at Art from the Heart this week with my buddy Shelley. On Sunday we made a Quotes mini book....

And today we played with the melt pot and produced a set of beeswax cards using images from Lisa's Altered Art and Tim Holtz stamps. Mine are a work in progress....
This is similar to one of the first workshops Shelley and I ever attended at Dy's, (an updated version!) we worked it out that it was 5 years ago! For me, it shows that the best techniques stand the test of time, what goes round comes round! Beeswax is here to stay

In the afternoon Dyan produced a mini canvas in 7 minutes flat - paint, images cut out, beeswax the lot! That was a demo and a half! She told us we'd all gone quiet because of the calming smell of the beeswax but really we were concentrating on trying to remember what she'd just shown us! Here's my version....

I also made a couple of ATC's for a swap but I posted them before taking a photo! Now I shall be looking to add beeswax to everything I make.... I really do love that opaque look it gives to your art.


  1. Dy is a great teacher. I first went to her classes when she first started up, and we did UTEE on CD's. She was at the forefront then, and still is! I also did the beeswax class recently, and must say it was great! Love your creations, well done!!!!!
    Sue x

  2. Your canvas looks fabulous Sandra, and I just love the beeswax atc's. It took us a lot longer than 7 mins though!!!I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday and loved everything produced.

  3. Hi Sandy, nice to meet you. Thank you for stopping by my blog and the encouraging message you left. I truly appreciate it.

    Love your piece here - I have some beewax, but have yet to use it. Will have to experiment with it.

  4. Just dropping by to say hi to a fellow sojourner!!

    Thanks for stopping by again. Hope you are having a good weekend.