Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Woman of Substance...

I've been working hard doing a teaching course at college so I haven't had much time to create for a while. The course ends next week so assignments are handed in and I've had time for a little therapy. Here's the first look at a project workshop coming shortly up at the craft box. The title says it all!

What do you think? Those who are old enough will remember Barbara Taylor Bradford's book which inspired the title! Earlier this year, I made a mini book using this same title for Lynn's birthday and she loves it so much she sits and strokes it!

That was made using paints and ink, this is made using the gorgeous Black Society papers.


  1. Can't wait for the workshop at The Craftbox, Elsecar, always full of fun. Yes, you are certainly a Woman of Substance, not sure about Lynn though lol

  2. This looks fantastic already, can;t wait to see the rest. Very artistic.xx