Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ah Yes!

We spent a day at Filey this weekend with our daughter, her partner and his son...it's years since Andy and I went rock pooling with our own kids on Filey brigg, so it was a real treat to take Charlie and it made Laura-Beth happy too as it brought back loads of memories. We had parked on the cliff top so we clambered - yes I say clambered! down the cliff to the brigg (NOT advisable!!) and we had a brisk walk back along the beach to beat the rapidly incoming tide!

Charlie loved crabbing and we saw a seal right at the end of the brigg....

Steph and Al joined us and she brought my birthday present.... a melt pot!

It was Tuesday before I could have a quick play... and it was quick! just enough time to melt some beeswax and make this card for a friend....

Andy is away this weekend so guess what I'll be doing......


  1. Ooh Sandra a melt pot - I haven't got one of those on my list either - one of those 'I haven't worked with before' LOL! I've only ever been to Filey once and that was years ago and I also remember doing an awful lot of climbing! I've been poorly last couple of days - getting tired of being ill this year!

    HOpe you have a wonderful birthday



  2. Well you are going to have fun with your new meltpot, beeswax, embossing etc. Filey Brigg is beautiful, we've been twice this year with Lucie and Charlotte (after you recommended it!). Love the card. xx

  3. Oh what fun!! And a melt pot!! YEA!! I have some beeswax sitting around and have never used it. I really need to!!

    Happy belated birthday Sandy!!

  4. Woooh great family fun again, so special..... and what a fantastic present. I had my melt pot for years, unused, took it to Dyans to have an extra pot for the class, used it, fetched it home and it's still in the cupboard lol. I really must get it out and use it again as I think you have made a great job of the card. It's inspired me!!!!!
    Sue x

  5. Awwwww I missed your birthday, poo... hope you had a fab time. Thst pot had better get some stick now, especially seeing you are comming to Beeswax on Tues. Cant wait to see you girly. Love ya loads. xx KTF