Saturday, August 15, 2009

Eclectic Post!

I thought I'd better catch up with this space! We've had a busy 2 weeks. We've got 6 birthdays next week so today I've made a start on some homemade cards.... Alcohol inks and thistles for Al

Girls just wanna have fun - for Niamh...she so appreciates all my arty stuff so she'll love this..

And for my baby sister - a "you & me an' stuff" card....there's a story behind this, She likes to tell the tale and is always adding "an' stuff" on the end of her sentences... you know blah blah blah... "an' stuff"! It makes me laugh so I thought she'd appreciate the sentiment.

Our youngest daughter graduated from York University in July, so I took the opportunity to scrap the photos while I was preparing a few pages for my scrapbook classes at Elsecar

And a page of me singing at Sun Studios in Memphis - famed for the likes of Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins (don't worry the mic wasn't switched on!)

But I really did sing here....Drax Northern Soul Night... these two lads (...em.. 50 year old men!!) in the foreground are our mates from the 70's when we used to dance all night. I haven't got the stamina now. but they obviously have!

Some friends came for a visit from Nottingham, we haven't seen them for 10 years so we had a lovely meal together and lots of catching up to do

Another card, this is for a friend (Jane above - next to Andy on the right) who loves gardening - appropriate eh?

And I'm reading Malcom Gladwells new book 'Outliers' This guy has some seriously good insights into postmodern world thinking. Very enlightening.
We have a wedding at Church tomorrow and I've still got their card to make...better get to it!


  1. My word girl you have been busy. Love the blue and green card,and the rest are fantastic as usual. Thanks for tonight's class it really went well, the new girls can't wait to come to the next one.
    See you friday and thanks for the advise.x

  2. The cards are awesome, loved the page on Monday although I was somewhat distracted, still getting over the death of my Grand-dad whilst i was away, I'm finding it difficult to get some closure on it at the moment, so I'm feeling a bit lost to be honest!

    On a more positive note though, I thoroughly enjoyed playing with the alcohol inks on Monday and the ones that I bought after, need the blending solution though to really give them a run for their money! Thanks for the tutorial on the same! Just need to get my hands on that 10 second studio metal now - times running out - birthday looming and he won't buy me any if I've not tried it LOL!

    The Template King has made me a base book for Friday's class (hope that's OK Teach!) I hate folded ones, so I took quick measurements on Monday - just don't change the design LOL!

    See ya Friday



  3. Loved all of these. Fantastic, as always. Did you really sing in Memphis???? xx

  4. soooooo jealous. Really must get my arse to Draks one time. Loved the pic of the dancers. x