Saturday, September 19, 2009

Soul Satisfaction

Hey Bloggers, I've had a trip to AFTH today. I booked not one, not two but three workshops for myself! I didn't leave empty handed I know you're thinking I bought some goodies but that's not what I mean - I came away with Dyan's collection of Northern Soul CD's! tee hee hee! And NO I didn't steal them!!! I borrowed them to sync to my IPod.
A short post for now as I'm making some ATC's for a swap - I feel like binning one of them as I'm not happy with it but I've put it to one side for now and I'll come back to it maybe tomorrow... (well maybe not as it's my Mum's birthday and we're having a party!)
Will remember to take photos and post soon.
TTFN (old fashioned slang for "Ta Ta For Now"!!)

1 comment:

  1. Hey gorgeous, it was fab to see you today, as always. Glad you and Andy appreciated the tooooooons xxx