Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Special Times!

It was my birthday recently and my DH was away for the weekend! Our eldest daughter couldn't bear the thought of me being alone on my birthday so she promptly arrived on the doorstep, suitcase in one hand, bottle of wine in the other! It's mum and daughter time she said. Oh I loved it (EVEN THOUGH I HAD SECRETLY PLANNED TO PLAY WITH MY NEW MELTPOT PREZZY!!!! Didn't have the heart to tell her that!)
And anyway, I'm glad my plans were spoiled - these times are too precious....
We got straight into our PJ's, closed the curtains and lit the candles....chit chatted all night and had cuddles in my bed. The next morning (my birthday) she came and snuggled up in bed with me before we got up and made breakfast. A mango smoothie (It's too thick Mum, I need a spoon!)
How gorgeous does she look?

Yes that's me with a mango moustachio!

She stayed for 2 nights and then Jim and Charlie joined us on Monday, we went to Exscape
where Laura-Beth and Charlie "climbed the wall"

This was their first time ever and I'm glad to say they both reached the top and were pleased as punch with themselves!
My birthday treat to myself was a workshop at Dyans
Shelley picked me up at 8:30am as usual but we didn't arrive at Dy's till 10:40!!!! (Harrogate is about 45 - 50 minute drive normally!) No we didn't get lost, there was an accident on the A1 so we took a detour. headed for the M62 intending to get on the M1, but unfortunately there had been another accident on the M62! So all we could do was sit there, inching forward in the car. Would we get there at all I wondered.....
But make it we did, as ever Dyan had produced a fab project..... A Zetti/beeswax accordian folded book ... we played with Claudine Helmuth paints, images from Lisa's altered art and beeswax...
I love going to AFTH Dyan is a great Tutor and just has that gift of making you feel so welcome you're almost like family. (also she has great taste in music) Jill was there for her first time, I think she probably thought the rest of us were a bit crazy but I will bet you a £1000 she'll be back!


  1. Aw, what a lovely time you had with your daughter, special times eh! What generous and loving daughter you have.
    Love the project you did at Dy's and I agree, she's a special, talented lady. xx

  2. Love the post Sandra, I hardly ever mention what I'm up to on my blog only my scrapping creations - may have to start remedy that! You look like you had a fabulous time with family and also the book you did with Dy!

  3. Don't know about Jill but I am Sue and was there for the first time - and yes you are right - I will be back!!

    PS I dont think you are mad!!


  4. awwwww thanks babe for that xxxxx

  5. Hi Sandra
    Your post is great, love the folder you did at Dyan's. your daughter is beautiful you like you.
    Love Lesley x (Monday Srap Class.