Monday, October 26, 2009

Chivalry is not Dead!

Just a quickie post. On Friday night, Alastair, our daughter's boyfriend called to say could he come for a visit but that we mustn't let Steph know. We thought it could be something to do with a Christmas present for her. Oh what a delightful surprise we had! Al formally asked Andrew for our daughter's hand in marriage! He told us that he was going up to his parents' the following day to get his grandmother's engagement ring for Steph. It was so very romantic - I just loved it.
We are thrilled - Al is a lovely chap and so right for Steph.
Now I've got to get myself in shape - I'm going to be the bride's mother!


  1. Oooh Sandra that's wonderful news - how romantic and lovely to see that chivalry isn't dead and doesn't your daughter look like you - Wow! Absolutely awesome!

    See ya later


  2. Brings a lump to your throat doesn't it. Congratulations, they look a lovely couple. Love Sandra x

  3. Hiya SP, you must be sooooo proud and what a lovely young man he is, I'm sure they'll both be very happy together. I can't get over how much like you Steph is in this photo.....Thanks for your lovely comments, I had a fantastic weekend and it was super to catch up with you and enjoyed the meal we had together. Hugs xx

  4. On Sandy, congratulations!! How wonderful, and what a special young man. Your daughter is beautiful!

  5. Hey Sandral!

    Oh my pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Made up for you all xxxxx

  6. xxx third finger left hand xxx yippee .You will be a beautiful mother of the bride. love ya more babe xx

  7. How romantic! What a lovely couple they make! Congratulations! xx