Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Rare Treat!

I had a treat the other day at AFTH

Dyan and I had a play day. And while we created, we "therapized" each other. It was like art journalling out loud. If you haven't seen Dy's art journal's you should check them out HERE right now, they are from the gut. We had a bit of a discussion about gut art journalling .... we think it should be available on the NHS... it would help lots of people to work through and process a lot of their problems, relieving anxieties and therefore helping to prevent stress - which we all know causes many health problems.... anyway I digress....

I REALLY love the shading technique that Dy uses in her artwork and in particular on her new Blonde Moments papers (you might have noticed if you've read my previous two posts!) and Dy promised to teach me how to paint and get that look, so of course I hot footed it to Harrogate for some one to one tuition.

We sang to our beloved Northern Soul without fear of getting on anyone elses' nerves (well perhaps Ben and Emmy have something to say about that!)

Anyway we had a thoroughly enjoyable time all to ourselves doing what we both love! I booked onto the art journalling weekend in February for my mate Shelley and I .... it's sort of a tradition that we have a least ONE weekend during the year.... I could tell a few stories.... but I won't because Shelley might kill me!

I'm also tootling off to Newport Pagnel to the Paper Artsy weekend after teaching my scrapbook class today (a birthday prezzie from Lynn) So I'm looking forward to creating for two whole days! I feel like I've been a very lucky lady this week!

Will post photos later as the ones I took at Dy's are poor and now my camera batteries are on charge!

Au revoir for now....


  1. Wow what a great week you've been having!!!!! Lucky you being able to escape to Harrogate like that - I'm sure it was great fun. Have a fabulous weekend this weekend as well, if its the course I've seen on line it will be amazing!

  2. sweetie, I had a fabbydoobyly day too. And your painting was supercalafragggggg..!!!! snog, snog xxx