Friday, November 6, 2009

Had mucho fun this afternoon making some mosaic tiles. Reason? because I needed some art therapy! I paid my first visit in five years to the Doctors this week and ended up having to have a load of tests. Its taken me 10 years to get over my mistrust of Doctors due to some health bungles that nearly cost my husband his life (don't misunderstand me here - I know there are good Doctors - its just my irrational fears)
Anyway I felt a bit out of sorts, so I put all my college work to one side and decided to play. Lynn often buys me a book and earlier this year presented me with this beauty by Laurie Mika, it's been a favourite night time read for months so today I intended to rise to the challenge...

So after a bitty sort of morning with a visit from my sister and a few odd jobs (whilst still in my PJ's) I set to gathering supplies to make some mosaic tiles.... how brave am I?
Of course the trusty old IKEA mirror would make an ideal base...

It was unknown territory for me but the hardest part was conditioning the sculpey... it made my hands ache a very lot!
After rolling out the clay, I cut out tiles in varying shapes and sizes, stamped into some of the tiles and made patterns with a thickish knife (not the blade edge) - I don't have a clay blade.... yet (but Christmas is coming!)
I embedded a few things into some of the tiles before baking. So far so good.

Out came the Jo Sonja acrylic paints...

And off I went...

The frustrating thing was being interrupted by the telephone.. it pulled me out of my art reverie
and the paint dried up while I was on the 'phone so I ended just sat there looking at my work so far and wondering whether to pack up or carry on when Andy came to say he needed to get out (He's been busy working on a report for a charity) so he said he'd take me out for a frappucino at Starbucks (delish!)
I'm quite happy with the tiles so far, its a bit tricky getting the paint neat on such small pieces but for a first attempt I'm pleased.
I'll leave you with this.....


  1. You look like you've had much fun! I'm just recovering from swine flu - so not done much crafting!

  2. so that's what you get up to in your room, hehehe. looks very good darling.

  3. Hiya SP, these are looking good, can't wait to see the finished article. Have your seen Craft Stamper? Off to Caribbean tomorrow and they've forecast rain, rain, more rain, torrential and thunderstorms, see you when I get back, keep crafting :))) xx

  4. The interview with God - it's beautiful. Thank you.xx

  5. I have that book too Sandra! Innit fab?! Looks like you got off to a great start with your lovely colourful tiles, looking forward to seeing your finished mirror! xx

  6. I love the interveiw with God....... been a bit :o( recently & it made me a bit teary. I loved it & it was sooo true.
    take care.x

  7. OOh I love the look of the tiles. Do I NEED Jo Sonya paints? Me thinks I do when I see the vibrancy of the colours you have here. And Sculpy? What is sculpy?! Do I NEED that too?! Looking forward to the finished results..... Hope you feel well soon. Kate

  8. Sandy what fun!! Can't wait to see it all finished!!!

  9. what gorgeous work , love this
    hugs June xx