Saturday, November 14, 2009

THE Book!

Instead of doing scrapbook pages in my Friday classes at the Craft Box we have been making this '12 days of Christmas' mini book... Many people have admired it. I used the gorgeous Blonde Moments 'All I want for Christmas' range of papers.... have I told you that I love them? (tee hee!)
Seriously though, I do love the colours and their versatility... I've made some great Christmas cards with them too.

What a lovely group they are... all very hard working, see them all on task here!
That lady with the white hair in the top left hand corner is my Mum - 78 and still loves to create! I like to think I'll be like that in 30 years time. (Oops, spilling the beans here!)

Mum, Deborah and Helen (sisters) Christine, Irene, Cynthia and Christine.
When other people saw the book, they wanted to make one too so Lynn put on an evening workshop ...

Diane (my sister - creating runs in the family) Virginia, (the speediest crafter I know) Jess (who hogged the biscuits all evening) and Sue right at the end.

There was lots to do so everyone got to work straight away.

Jan and Margaret watch intently as I suggest stamping ideas for their tags..

The paint was out and everyone got messy.... Julie was going to a fancy dress party the following day so wore rubber gloves to keep those nails clean! Karen just got to work - she really enjoyed the project.

And Ann.... well Ann is a bit of an enigma! She's so funny even when she doesn't mean to be... which can be a real gift.... Here is Lynn helping her to triple emboss the title tag.

There were some new ladies (to me anyway - they came from Lynn's card classes) on this workshop and I enjoyed meeting new people....I had some great feedback, which is always encouraging, but the best thing about workshops for me, is the sense of camaraderie and well being they provide for many people, I'm thinking of my Mum as I write this, she loves being part of that Friday scrapbooking class - it's a new lease of life for her. Belonging to a crafting community does so much more than teach new techniques or give new ideas (great though that is!) - don't under estimate its value!


  1. Ooh Sandra it's fabulous to see our busy evening last night. I LOVED!!!!! the class, the papers are divine! I've still to finish it - had a mad day today but hoping to play in a bit! Thank you for a lovely evening, I agree on the camaraderie side of things, although last night was so intense I don't think I looked up LOL! It was also lovely to meet your sister. HOpe you've had a grand Saturday!


  2. Looks like you had a fantastic time. Crafting is so therapeutic and creates an atmosphere perfect for socialising andd making friends. I can understand how good it must feel now your Mum is enjoying svrapbooking. Quality time together, you can't beat it.