Monday, November 23, 2009

You GOTTA see this!

A friend sent this to me via email and I just had to pass it on to my artistic blogger friends.... It is pretty amazing art - its a clip from UKRAINE'S GOT TALENT!
A young Ukrainian girl tells an entire story by moving sand around on a table!
She uses nothing but sand and her hands to create these images.

To help you understand the images, this is what a youtube viewer wrote about the video;
The story is about World War II and its influences on Love, families and on the life of 'common' people who were just victims: they either died or lost each other. They are crying because they understand it from their point of view: they got invaded and pressured (Ukraine as well) first by the Nazi, then by the Soviet Union (they 'only' had total control on people). Their life changed so much! Nearly the same happened in all Eastern countries.
Amazing artistic talent! She won!"


  1. Blimey Sandy she needed to win! It's amazing - very touching. Makes our cutting/sticking look a bit tame really!! Look forward to seeing your efforts with sand art!!