Thursday, November 19, 2009

Work(shop) and Therapy!

I had a lovely time meeting new people when I did a workshop in Stocksbridge recently....

There was some very talented people in the room, one of the ladies, Gaynor, was a Tutor herself, she makes jewelery and I think I might have to attend one of her sessions as the bead chain she wore on her wrist looked pretty amazing...wish I'd taken a photo to show you!

We used the new Blonde Moments papers (yes again!) the 6x6 pad this time and we are making the box which I posted earlier.

A bit of careful cutting out......

A bit of careful tearing....

And a whole lot of mess.... but this mess is strangely tidy don't you think!!

Madeline is a stand up crafter....

And here is the youngest member of the group, Emily who came along with her Mum and was an absolute treasure.
The box is an ongoing project so I'll post pictures when they are all finished.
I'm being brave now and posting a journal page... I shall add a bit more to it I think, but I am beginning to feel more comfortable as I play around with different styles...I think that's my
problem, I'm a bit eclectic in my art style so try to incorporate everything I like!
I liked this one though so you get to see it! It incorporates a Teesha Moore style border and Dyan Reavely inspired doodling. I shall keep playing around because I have fun doing it and this
art is for me so its OK if no-one else likes it! A favourite saying of Andy's is "Enjoy the journey!" So that's what I'm doing.... exploring as I go along - it's great fun, you should try it!


  1. That looks like a lot of fun :)
    Hugs June xxx

  2. Hi Sandra - apologies if you get this twice, I thought I'd posted it and when I clicked off it I think a security password came up - I forgot sorry! Looks like the Stocksbridge crew are really 'into' their project and I'm loving the journaling page, it's great when your style starts to fall into place with this. I've almost finished last Friday's project and without photos and journaling it's already might full LOL! What am I like! If I get chance I'll pop it on my blog and link back to you.

    Hope you are having a grand week


  3. Looks like you all had great fun at the class, they are always so friendly. Still not got over to Dyans for the jounalling, but I will. I am looking forward to learning with her again. She always inspires me. x

  4. aww thanks for visiting me sandy :) Oh i just noticed you love motown and northern soul ... those were the days huh ??? i remember it so well as a teenager :)
    hugs June xxx

  5. Oops i just left you a comment Sandy and its in my other gmail account cos was doing my other blogs so just thought i better let you know its me hehe june from both dezinaworld and arty retreat and art freebies lol
    Oh yeah .. you guessed .. i am a bit of a dimwit too lol

  6. Sandy this is a great journal page!!
    You will find that you take bit and pieces of what you like about other journal styles and make it your own. I love taking journal classes and finding something new to incorporate.

  7. whey hey girly ..look nat you with your journal page.... I am sooooooo proud of you babes. Cant wait to see you tomorrow...mwah xx