Monday, December 28, 2009

Exciting news!!!

Hello everyone, I hope you bear with me while I share some wonderful news.... our oldest daughter got engaged on Christmas day! Here are the happy couple... we love Jim, he is a lovely thoughtful man and he makes Laura-Beth so very happy - just look at that smile!

This lovely photograph was taken by Stan of Stan plus Stan Two. and this one too... the whole family.... Martin and Niamh, Jim and Laura-Beth, Andy and I, Steph and Alastair
It's been a wonderful Christmas and that news has certainly made us count our blessings!
I haven't had much time to create as we've had our son home from Belfast, this is the first day I've had some me time so I caught up on emails this morning, shopped for fresh veg as we have more visitors tomorrow, then, while Andy was finishing his book I thought I'd catch up with the news in blogland!
I love The Kathryn Wheel blog and Kate has set up a 365 day challenge.... mmm, I thought, I'd like to have a go at this.... it involves making an 'art calendar' and keeping a mini journal every day - and it is mini - the journaling blocks are 1 1/2" square so there's only so much you can write in there - it shouldn't take that long! I've never done any kind of challenge before so I feel quite excited and raring to go! Check out Kate's blog (its got a wow factor!!) and join in, its a great way to meet new arty friends.
I've prepared January, however, my journal is only an A5 one and I think I'm gonna have to go larger... I painted the background after adding book text, added a few snowflakes around the edges (well it is for January and there is still snow on the ground!) but once I'd cut my journaling blocks, they filled the whole page! There isn't enough room to add any doodling or other bits!

I'm really looking forward to doing this - in fact I feel like a giddy schoolgirl, I'm so excited.... I hope you join in... I can't wait for the end of each month to see what everyone else's calendar looks like!


  1. Hiya Sandy, congratulations on your wonderful news, and what fantastic photos you've got. You have a beautiful family. Love the calendar, I'm also joining in, but only got back from Essex this afternoon, so hoping to make a start later on. xx

  2. Hold up you said you'd had no time to do any creativity and now you've got your January one prepared missus - how's that work LOL! Glad you enjoyed the festive season and what wonderful news to share on Christmas day - loving the photo - absolutely awesome - I assume this will be appearing in a scapbook class very very soon tee hee! In answer to your question - yes we did have to use a template for the gingerbread castle but we cheated and bought it - mind you it still needed copying onto laminating pouches and then cutting out - so still as much work and the houses need shrinking! Glad you had a good Christmas - hope to see in early in the New Year - Hugs from us all

  3. Hi Sandy,
    Just wanted to pop in and say that i'll be taking part in Kate's challenge too. Should be fun.
    Good luck.

  4. Wonderful photos, lovely family you must be so proud of them. Congratulations to everyone.
    Your calendar looks good too. I've included snowy stuff on mine too like you say it's January and still very cold and icey. If you want a larger book to do your Calendar, Pink Pig the one JILL uses can be bought at Emley not far from you.

  5. Hi just checking out calendar challengers. I've done six now, I really enjoy filling them in - and it't great to look back on - love the pretty colours - it looks like a quilt, best of luck.

  6. That's lovely news about your daughter Sandy...

    Lovely calendar page too - just stopping in to say hello as I am taking part in the challenge too - have a great time with it...x

  7. Brilliant new on the engagement, they DO look SO very happy!!!!!!! I'm off to check out the calendar challenge now. Your's has inspired me! Have a vey Happy New Year! x

  8. Ha ha! You have been busy and this looks great! Beautiful, pretty colours. You don't have to go bigger than A5 but it's a great excuse to buy another journal (you tell hubby that you can NEVER have enough journals LOL!) Kate x
    P.S. Great family pics :-)

  9. Congratulations on your daughter's engagement, and the new addition to your family.

    Your January page looks terrific!!

    Happy New Year to you too!!