Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Winter Wonderland!

Well it looks like the whole country is snowbound.... ok thats a slight exaggeration!
Snow looks very pretty until you need to go places!
This was the scene on the main road at the end of our lane yesterday.... cars inching forward and slithering all over the place....

A much prettier scene as Andy and I went for a walk to capture some of the lovely scenes before it all turned to mush....

This is the view from my craftroom window - you can see how much snowfall we had - what I call 'snowman snow' you know, the thick sticky kind... its still clinging to the telephone wires...

Here is my ongoing art calendar for Kate's 2010 challenge. (2010! sounds very futuristic doesn't it?)

I'm really enjoying doing this, once you've prepared the background and little journaling blocks, it's quite simple to find time to add your entry for each day (its a 365 day challenge) .... I know .... I used the word simple there and we're only 6 days into the New Year! I guess time will tell, but I feel pretty determined to keep on top of this. You can doodle and get more creative as time allows... that's the absolute beauty of it all!

Hope the snow isn't causing too much disruption for you all - keep safe and warm!


  1. Love, love your art calendar Sandra, it's coming along a treat. Beautiful colours and the doodling is gorgeous. It's snowing again here, fed up with it now! xx

  2. Your calendar looks fabulous I just love the harlequin stamp in the corner and yes it is pretty much snowbound here as well - kids still not back to school from the holidays and it is looking doubtful they will be by the end of the week....x

  3. Oh look at all that lovely snow!!!

    Your calendar is great! I thought about doing one, still thinking!

  4. Your photos are very good and your Art calendar id fab, I love the colours and all the faux stitching, at least I think it is faux.

  5. Good start on the calendar - sorry your Mum & Dad's anniversary dinner got snowed off - hope you can celebrate later.

  6. Love those diamonds behind 'January' on your calendar. Glad you headed over to my blog, this calendar idea is great for getting to meet new people isn't it?

  7. Ohhh I love your calendar! I haven't got my pages done- or even started for that matter, but I'm up to date on my blocks, they're SO fun. Today I at least cut out the covers for my book, now to decorate it and the pages before binding LOL.