Saturday, January 9, 2010

The white stuff keeps falling...

So while I'm tucked up nice and warm in the house, unable to do normal life stuff, I've spent more time than usual in my craft room.

I've made another page in my art journal... still more to add to it but its about secrets and if I showed them to you I would have to kill you (ha ha!)
I drew around my hand and stamped into the palm. It's a Paperartsy stamp, my train of thought is that I'm a good secret keeper and so I've included that in the words around the hand print. In the green space, I intend to write about the pain of having MY secrets broken by people I once trusted. Not nice.

It takes a while for my pages to come together so I do a bit, then walk away and when I come back to it, I can see where I need to add a bit more.

This page (well its 2 pages in an A5 journal) had to be gesso ed and painted again as I tried something and I didn't like it so its taken 3 days to get to this stage! (I know, how slow am I!)
I have to say if it hadn't been snowing and life had been tootling along as 'normal', it would probably not get touched until... well would you judge me if I said never?

So far I've just written around the fingers of my hand, I will fill the green space and perhaps add something else when I go back to it in a day or so.

Hope you are all keeping sane in these snowy and cold times and doing things that make you happy!


  1. OOh I really like this Sandra - I have been toying with doing a hand page since before Christmas - I got a pair of those gloves you use for moisturiser and there was hand shaped pieces of card inside them that I saved... Been wondering what I could use them for and now I know, thanks for the inspiration...Stay warm, Kirsti x

  2. Sandy I am loving your journal pages!!! Great job!!

  3. Wow Sandra this is fantastic, so creative, but then you are one of the most creative and unique people I know, love it. xx

  4. This is great Sandy. I am feeling all out of patience at the moment so your careful work is particularly admirable.

  5. Blopping around this afternoon and found this, it's absolutely gorgeous Sandra, you must be so pleased with it! I'm loving the colour combination absolutely beautiful. I've updated my blog as requested - tee hee - didn't think I'd have a lot to put on it but pleased to say found quite a few things! Have a great weekend and I'll see you Monday

  6. Eyop Sandral, I haven't visited your blog for a few days and you've written so much stuff I'm beginning to think I haven't visited it for a few years!!! Let's have a bit of consistency - I've gone from eager anticipation when you don't blog for days and then bingo, you are in overdrive!!!!

    I'm chufft to bits for you about Laura and Jim! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and all the best for 2010.

    I miss you!


  7. Hi Sandra! Thank-you for the lovely comment you left on my blog, it was much appreciated. I'm loving the whole blogging experience... Your journal page looks fab - I'm so excited about the beginners course - see you there! xxx