Friday, February 12, 2010

Proven Therapy!

I know what to do when I need a little therapy - art journal!
It's great to do when your day is 'bitty'. I used to think I needed at least a few hours to go into my craft room and 'create' something...but that really isn't true for me anymore. (thanks to a certain Dyan Reaveley who educated me recently on the anatomy of a journal page!)
My days have been quite taken up with visiting my Aunty and sorting out a care package for when she comes home (very draining trying to get people (Dr's!) to understand the situation!)
So in between the running around (AND the other stuff I have to do every day) I nip into my craft room and art journal - one time I might spend a few minutes adding paint to a page, next time I go in it will be adding the background splodges or stamping or know how it is!
I'm also loving being part of Kate's 365 art calendar challenge, you journal a snapshot of your day EVERY day of the year (which will be interesting to look back on in years to come.) So next time I go into my room it will be logging that days event! Then I go back to the art journal and start to 'build' the page... if I've only got a few minutes it will be something as simple as cutting out an image.

Anyway, this week I started a larger art journal - well large for me - if you want to see large, go to Virginia's blog and see LARGE!

This looks kinda scary on its own doesn't it? Its that grinning over sized mouth! I sometimes feel like this - my interpretation here was smiling through gritted teeth...

And this is the whole thing.....

I just keep bobbing into my room when I have any spare time. I know that's harder to do if you have young children or use another room as your crafting space because you can't leave things out... I'm fortunate to be able to close the door on my mess!
But the phenomenon that is art journaling is blessing my socks off at the moment and keeping me grounded during stressful times.


  1. Hello Sandra

    Good morning - what a fantastic post and fabulous pages - they are gorgeous - with a capital G - thank you for the link to my blog! This art journaling is such fun, I did a page before I went to work yesterday morning because you can - it was prepared so I'm so getting what you're saying about doing a little bit here and there. Usually I too have to set aside loads of hours to do my usual crafting but art journaling is something completely different and you can do it on the go as it were! I've prepared loads of the pages we made last weekend so I'm ready to go for it this week whilst I'm off. Spent last night with little man art journaling - he loved it - asked this morning how old he had to be to have a blog! LOL


    with regards to your Aunty I know exactly where you're coming from the Doctor's really don't have a clue do they!

    Have a good weekend!

  2. OOOh I LOVE these pages. Yeah, the mouth is a bit spooky, but spooky is good :-) Hope it eases your stressful situation. Kate x

  3. Wow Sandra that page is fab Love the mouth I agree with kate spooky is really good! Hope things get sorted soon x J x

  4. That page is really professional Sandra, it looks like Dyan did it.
    I know what you mean about needing hours in the craft room when small blocks of time will do. I need to train myself in that way too. Have you seen Kate's blog where she has to take her journal in the shower, don't think I could do it.
    Pat xx

  5. These are fabulous pages, such intense colour and rich decoration. You are right - art is great therapy - I hope it continues to see you through.

  6. hello my gorgeous gorgeous art journaling friend. That spread is fabbaliciocous, and I can completely connect with the smiling through gritted teeth. Or I could, dont really need to much these days. Big hug for dealing with the drs. Gps are fab but hospital ones unfortunately seem to live in a different world. Think they need to journal, maybe I could set up a room on every hospital ward, lmao..XXX