Wednesday, March 31, 2010

april art calendar

Well - how do you like that! Been gnashing my teeth all day trying to work out this frustrating business with the photo's - I shouted at the computer, blamed blogger, blamed the camera (my new one is in Leicester - don't ask - but I'll just add here, it was Andy's fault!)

Anyway, he's been out all day, when he got in I told him I hadn't been able to blog my pages and it was the camera's fault! He walked into my room, clicked a few buttons and ta-da....there they were!

Anyway, the photo's still aren't great but at least the piccies are here. (I'm just posting two because they're not great)

The background is quite dark so I added a few splodges of white paint (Dina Wakely tip)

I made tags for the journal blocks and stapled on some sari ribbon - I like that shabby look with all the loose fibres.

I'll do some more work on it but it's ready for me to start writing tomorrow....

April is a special month for us as it's andy's 11th transplant anniversary on the
17th. We will be going off alone for a time of reflection as we do every year.
When he first had the transplant back in 1999, we were told a transplant can prolong your life between 5 and 7 he is 11 years later and his liver results are excellent! We feel very blessed and thankful to God, hence the celtic cross to denote our faith.


  1. oOH Sandra that's lovely I'm still working on mine grrr - but it's coming along and I've managed to finish my March one woo hoo!

  2. Pages are great Sandra and the meaning behind them is so special. xxx

  3. Eek .. It's April tomorrow - better pull my socks up LOL.

    Fabby page Sandra, love the ribbons and the Celtic cross (Irish ancestors perhaps?)

    We may call our NHS but it great to hear wonderful succesful stories like yours.

    Have a wonderful reflective day on the 17th with hubby and here's to many more years for you both.

  4. What a good idea to use tags, but then again you always come up with bright ideas, lol. Loving the colours. xx

  5. So glad it's all worked out - what a wonderful anniversary to celebrate, here's to many more

  6. Sandra loving the page absolutely gorgeous and loving the cross and it's meaning - beautiful. How fantastic for things to be so positive after 11 years - hope you and your hubby enjoy some positive time together during April - can't wait to see it finished.

    Big Hugs


    PS I had trouble with blogger too yesterday - drove me around the twist but eventually played ball tee hee!

  7. What a fabulous anniversary you must feel well blessed to have him and it makes it so special It is seven years ago this April I was diagnosed with Breast cancer and life just gets better I am still here but I lost a good sister in law with breast cancer after it went to her bones she almost made it to five years .I hope life and God shines on you always, I also wear my crusifix a lot of the time it makes me feel safe.Well; enjoy your Easter a time of new beginnings. xxx

  8. Hi Sand

    The page looks fab, naturally, but I just wanted to say Happy Easter, and enjoy your celebrations on the 17th! We hadn't become friends when you went through all that trauma, but I remember the time like it was yesterday, and the worried but faithful commitment of BCS that all would turn out well.

    There's such a giant HALLELUJAH!!!! ringing round my head!!


  9. Love the April pages. Well done for staying with the challenge, we're a quarter of the way through already! Yay!
    Enjoy your wonderful anniversary x

  10. Hello again! Just read your comment on my blog - we were trying to get a room at the Premier Inn but it's fully booked!! Paul has promised to get something sorted out while he's offshore. Where is The Swan? Would be lovely if we could get in there especially since you'll have Andy with you! xx

  11. What an amazing story about your husband. It's so lovely to read things like that - I love your journal pages. Gorgeous colours!

    And you! 1/2 a pound is brilliant - every time you think that, you go weigh out half a pound of sugar and just think - that's not on me anymore! Well done! *hugs*

  12. great work Sandra and brill news on the 11th anniversary, enjoy your special day

  13. What lovely news...and I love your April pages!! Thank you so much for your comments......had to admit my sides still hurt from laughing at your 'confession'!!! xxx

  14. Happy Anniversary Sandra! Thank you for visiting me and your comments. Its true - we do have similar taste - be great if we were local and could have a rummage through each others stash! The cogs are PaperArtsy - I only just got them and I'm very attached to them.
    Hope you have a lovely Easter Weekend with your hubby. Pen x

  15. Beautiful pages. I love your tags. :) Hope you have a lovely anniversary together. Your Celtic cross is perfect on your pages.xx

  16. Have a wonderful Anniversary both of you. It's 16 yrs next month since I was diagnosed with Breast C and secondaries and I'm still here, think they made a mistake lol might sue them ROFL.
    Your April pages are lovely great idea to use tags must remember that one.
    Pat xx

  17. Stunning pages Sandra - love the tip about the white paint - thanks for sharing, it is something I can see me using in the near future. Happy anniversary - so heartwarming to hear such good news, certainly makes me want to hug my loved ones that little bit tighter, Happy Easter honey, take care XXX

  18. you are so good Sandra. I havent done any journalling for a while now as I have not had time to think. Emma xx