Monday, April 5, 2010

Feet eating fish!!!!

Well, not exactly FEET EATING fish....but ugggh! I don't like my feet being touched so when Laura-Beth said she wanted to try a 'Appy Feet' experience at Meadowhall for her birthday, it was always going to be a NO-NO for me!

Our eldest daughter is now 25! She lives in Leicester, so she and Jim arrived the night before her birthday as we had arranged the Meadowhall trip for her actual birthday (23 March) Her Dad and I took her a champagne breakfast in bed...."well" she said, "I am a quarter of a century old, so it should be celebrated in style"

After breakfast (and a whole bottle of champagne between LB and I!) we visited my parents. Traditionally, Mum and Dad always 'phone up their four daughters (my sisters and I!) and their seven grandchildren at every birthday and sing "Happy Birthday to you!" well Laura-Beth turned up on the doorstep for a special in person rendition! (Of course the doting Grandparents were delighted!)

So, onto Meadowhall.... when we actually arrived and saw the fish swimming around in the tanks, Laura-Beth tried to wriggle out of it! "I'll do it if you do it Mum" she said.... Er, NO darling - you know I don't like my feet being touched!
Jim spoke masterfully - "We are doing this" he said "We haven't come all the way from Leicester for nothing!"

While they filled in their forms, I was peering into the tanks and couldn't shake the thought of piranhas from my mind! BTW - the fish are carp not piranha’s and if you want to try it - please don't let my bias put you off!

Andy, Jim and Laura-Beth gingerly lowered their feet into the tanks and let out ... well sort of sighing, aaahhhing sounds as the fish swarmed all over their feet!

At first, all of them were unsure about what they felt...but as people were passing by the shop window, they came in to talk to them all, asking what it felt like. I think it helped them to calm down and actually, describing their experience, helped them to decide (almost on the spot!) that they DID like it...they said it felt kind of 'feathery' (if that makes sense!)

The fish come from Turkey and are said to be good for people with psoriasis...they eat dry skin.
I suppose it IS a good thing if you could bear to be immersed in a tank with those little fish swarming all over you!
Personally, I'll pass thank you, I'm a bit too squeamish!

The champagne breakfast was lovely, but it took it's toll - champagne + trundling around vast shopping mall = headache!
Fortunately, a couple of paracetamol came to the rescue. For both of us!

Now, what shall we do for my birthday later this year - I shall be half a century old!


  1. Blimey, I wish I looked like that when I just woke up. The fishy experience looks ... er...interesting. I think I'll pass on that one!

  2. Seen them having this treatment what I want to know is did their feet feel any differant when they had finished .Sometimes in my job it would be lovely to have some kind of treatment on my aching feet at the end of a long shift at Meadowhall.Not too sure about this one but I may give it a tryat some time xxxx

  3. Hmmmmmm I think I would be like you and keep my feet well out of the way of those nibbling carp ! Sounds like they all enjoyed it though and what are you planning to have nibbled for your half century lol XXX

  4. Mmm not quite sure, but, then again....
    Happy birthday LB.

  5. Don't think the fishy thing is for me either, but good on them for doing it. At least you all had good family time together. xx

  6. Looks like you had a great day Sandra, Meadow Hall? I've got relatives near there..........Hmmm. Love your last page too. A great image and what you have written is so very true. When do you turn the half century!
    x Michelle

  7. Have heard of this before...sure I saw it on either a holiday programme or maybe Top Gear (?!?) when they were in Thailand or something... how did their feet feel afterwards? Would like to try it but don't know if I would actually go through with it!!

    p.s. We are staying at the Swan!! xx

  8. See I don't like SEEING feet or being anywhere near other peoples feet but I think that would feel really nice. It's the thought that other peoples feet had been in the water would put me off. Blech!

    And Freddo's... ummmm I don't blame you not resisting but can you believe how much the price of them has shot up??? We had outr box of Hotel Chocolat chocolates arrive yesterday - we get a box from the tasting club about 4 times a year. I told Craig like Hell was he scoffing the lot to save me (his words) so am limiting myself to two of an evening now.

  9. What a fab time you all had Sandra, I saw those little fishy things on The One Show last week - how strange! I think I'll stick to going for a pedicure lol!!
    Lesley x
    p.s. Your April calendar page is gorgeous with all those little tags. Really colourful and I like the celtic cross.

  10. Looks great I would love the fish thing!! Wow what a gorgeous family you have your daughter is beautiful I can see she takes after you in that dept xx Sending huge hugs Not long now till our weekend at Dys xx

  11. Looks like fun!!! I'll try anything if someone tells me it's good for me...I'm such a sucker!!!! I quite liked when the little fishy's swam round my feet when we were in the Maldives last you suppose it's a bit like that? :) xxx