Saturday, April 10, 2010

Arting around feels good!

Here are a few art journal pages I've been working on during the night when I can't sleep...its really helped me to wind down from the pressures of the day. Once I've done that, I go to bed and listen to my ipod - usually Andrea Bocelli - last years birthday gift from a friend - yes Gill I DO listen to it and I like it very muchly thank you, in fact I'm listening to it now as I write this!

Andy loved this one - he's my honest critic and I value his opinion of my work.
*note to my daughters - I luurve you...hope this makes you laugh!!

I was feeling pretty poopy this day, I think the murky background colour shows it!

This was done after the one above but I thought I'd brighten it up a little more... don't want to feel morose when I look back at these pages! I used pastels to make the border.

And this image was from a Sunday supplement. I liked....well, more like I was drawn to the pink hair! I did this last night and haven't journal ed yet as the thoughts are still chunkling around inside my head.

I can see these pages have a theme in that Ive 'framed' them all, i.e. given them all a border which I quite like.


  1. You have been busy during the night. Wonderful creative pages I haven't magnified them so I don't know what you have journaled but they are all looking good.
    Pat xx

  2. Wow,SP, these are so creative, I just lurve them. Very inspirational. Sorry you're still not sleeping and not feeling too well. Hugs xx

  3. These are fantastic, love them all - I have that person that I have to keep in check too. You aren't alone.

    Gorgeous work, I love the images you find and you just make them seem a part of the page so well.

  4. LOL! The images you use are great - where do you find them? The colours on these pages really pops too. Great work :-) Hope you sleep better soon. Kate x

  5. these are all really great Sandy, I m loving your work, and thanks for comments on my blog, think we can say most crafters think along those lines, LOL

  6. Great pages Sandy. Love what you're doing here. Hope it was therapeutic! x

  7. Mother, whist as usual i love you work, and i think the pages are lovely, although i think you should get more sleep :)
    However... Both my cats are deeply hurt that you have spelled their names wrong!
    Roddie and Ellie, send their love xxx

  8. These are great pages - made me laugh and think and reflect...thanks for sharing them. xx

  9. OK... I KNOW I left you a comment on your pages.... who nicked it!!!
    I KNOW I did cos I thought they were wonderful... the horse is soooo much fun and the middle two wonderfully arty girl and oh my gosh... fashionista on the last page... brilliant!!
    I really admire the way you do your art...'tis brilliant girl :D

    Right now I am gonna come back in ten minutes to make sure the bloomin blog fairy hasn't pinched this comment tooo... cheeky

    Chris xx

    p.s. thanks for all your comments on my blog...they mean a lot to me and oh boy it's scary getting older isn't it :D

  10. oooooKay problem solved.... no fairy nicky talky.... I missed the likkle pop up box.... ha ha ha...cheeky word verification...sneeky fairy:D

    Well it helps to be a little bit nutty... gets me through the day.... don't wanna be sane like everyone fun :D

  11. Wonderful work Sandy, truly fabulous. Love how you've taken the ideas from journaling and made it your own style. Brilliant!
    x Michelle

  12. Very quirky pages Sandra, but I love them. Loads of atmosphere on each page.
    Lesley x