Monday, May 31, 2010

365 Challenge...and other interesting goings on!

We paid a visit to our daughter in Leicester on Saturday...

Andy joined in a game of football tigs with Charlie, Jim and Ricky... what did Andy do but kick the ball into...well, into Charlie's very important place!!!

Fortunately, it didn't seem to affect Charlie's affection for Andy!

We went to Fosse Park to pick up a little shopping, Laura-Beth and Charlie travelled in our car, Charlie brought his CD and they sang all the way...with actions too! When he started singing, it made my heart swell - it took me back to the days when our own children used to sing at the top of their voices whenever we set off on a car journey - a truly happy sound!

I love this little man. He's decided he wants to grow his hair so I'll let you know how that turns out!

On Sunday night we went Northern Soul dancing at the Metrodome in Barnsley, met up with Dyan who got up to a few antics - not unusual eh?

One thing that amazed me was this 12 year old young dancer... I couldn't take my eyes off him all night - he had come along with his parents and he was dressed in "all the gear" If you're a Soulie and went to Wigan Casino, you'll know what I mean - baggy trousers and t-shirt. I wish you could see him dancing, it took me back 34 years - backdrops, spins and all!! Brilliant!

I just love this 'photo of Karen - Martin is looking at some old photo's of us all when we were young - I think she was laughing at what Martin looked like with hair!

Andy dancing... this is our new fitness regime - we are eating healthily and increasing our exercise in the hope that we both lose weight for our daughter's wedding next May - less than 51 weeks to go and we've set ourselves a target of losing one pound a this space!

Here is May all filled for my art calendar... at the beginning of the year, Kate set a challenge for any who wished to join in...not just an ordinary challenge .... a 365 day challenge! In the form of an art calendar. Well I love messing about with paint and I like keeping record of what I've been up to, so I was in!

and here is June, just about ready to go... nice and bright and summery...I used texture paste and a stencil to make a flowery border. I painted the flowers orange, they don't look very bright here but I'm sure you get the picture.

I shall probably faff about some more but at least I'll be able to fill in those scrumptious little journal blocks starting tomorrow!


  1. Looks as though a good time was had by all. I was thinking about the calendar challenge, i did start it but the weddings and life got in the way so I had to call it a day. Shame though as it is great to see how others are coming on. Well done you, for keeping up with it, brilliant! x

  2. Loving your calendar I am so far behind on mine now it's unreal and now we're on the 1 June - what on earth is that all about! I love your dancing pictures and all your happy family moments! Such lovely memories

  3. Loving the vibrancy of your May Pages, Sandra and June is so floral and pretty - lovely colours.
    Looks like you had a lovely weekend and that little Charlie is just adorable. I know what you mean about singing in the car lol!
    Lesley x

  4. love the texture flowers in June. Need some instruction on the technique........
    x Christine

  5. Loving these piccies and that your exercise is dancing how cool is that? :P

  6. Well it looks like you've been having a ball since my last visit... that'll teach me to go

    Love all of your fun photos hun... makes me feel like I cudda been there.

    I can't think of a better fitness regime than dancing... at least it's fun... think I should do more, then maybe I could lose a few pounds too. Mind you I have been known to do a few steps round the living room with the broom (sad or

    Love your pages... they are well cool and I love to see what you do with them too.

    Have a great evening

    Chris xx

  7. Lovely pages mum, love the flower shapes. Nice picture of Laura and dad, but where's the ones of you? I do enjoy seeing your happy smiling face when I come on here to check what you've been up to!! Enjoy your dancing, I'm off back to the gym tomorrow, bad ear or no I miss swimming!! Love you xxx

  8. What a great post, how happy you, your family and friends appear having a great time. Glad you are enjoying the calendar challenge and I sure you'll carry on having fun throughout June.
    Thanks for your lovely comments on my post, they mean a lot.

  9. Hello!! Love the calendar pages...I am a wee bit behind but keeping a note of what I'm doing each day so I don't have to struggle to remember what to write when I do (finally) get June ready!!

    Looks like you had a great night out in Baaarnsley...speaking of which, say hi to Anne Marie for me when you see her!!

    Charlie is gorgeous, really lovely photos of him enjoying himself with you all...

    From the comment you've left on Dy's blog - are you one of the lucky people getting to go to Dina's classes in August?!? If you are then you'd better save a seat...!!! xx

  10. oooh these pages look fab. May looks fantastic filled in and I've been peering very closely at June to see how you did those flowers. Fantastico! Kate x

  11. Love the shapes of your journalling on your May pages and the June pages will look just as great. I have stuck with boring squares - might have to rethink that for July mmmm :)

  12. Hiya hun just popped in to say hello and to thank you for the lovely comments.. .they make my day :D
    Chris xx

  13. So good to see you getting the most out of life and love, special moments! Your pages are so strong and bright, really upbeat. Love em
    x Michelle