Wednesday, June 23, 2010

And she lets out a sigh of relief.....

I feel starved... of creating that is! I've been slogging away on an assignment "Principles and Theories of Learning" for my teacher training course. Well I handed my whole TPP in last night so that's my first year over! After I left college, we had a drink and a treat...look away now Carmen....

I deserved it! It has been hard work...I enjoyed the learning, just struggled to convert all that knowledge into the essays. But it's done now, so today I took myself into my room and PLAYED....
A couple of months ago, I made a journal after watching a Teesha Moore You Tube video. I have also made something similar at Dyan's where I bought this gorgeous hanging adornment to embellish the journal when its finished. I haven't really attached it yet otherwise I won't be able to lay the pages flat to work on but I wanted to show it it not lovely?

I used borders by Marsha at Tumblefish Studios, I followed a link from Kate and was hooked, a girl can't have too much choice you know.
Anyway, this is the title...

Andy thought it said 'A journey into the unknown, but I like the play on words here....

I added the little Stampotique guy 'cos I like the stamps, they are full of expression and you can make them 'fit' all sorts of situations...I guess Pat will approve, I think she has more than 50 of these stamps!

The colour isn't great here but I've also used a few collage images from Crowabout Studio ... you know, those weird one eyed people that kinda grow on you... I am really beginning to like 'different'. It's expression, and I want to express myself. (Although I don't think I'll be venturing into the spooky doll heads just yet Kate!)

AND, I am rather proud of this vine...I've seen other people do these after art journal workshops at Dyan's but never had a tutorial myself..can't wait to see what Dy thinks of these! Actually, I'd better not boast too much here, all I did was draw the 'vine' then I used Dyan's leaf stamp from the flower plate and coloured them in! I still I think it looks good though.

I used a couple of ART quotes for the journaling, lettering from a tutorial by yes, my buddy and mentor, Dyan

And looky here...more pages to create art on...and a whole Summer ahead of me to do it in!

I am going up to AFTH tomorrow, so I will be coming back with the new Altered Original spray inks that Dyan has just released, I can't wait to have a play with all those delicious looking colours.
I'm going to check out all the blogs I've been missing for the last month - I tell you what though, it was hard to discipline myself not to go blog hopping when I should have been researching for that assignment...are we blog addicts??!!


  1. Wow, fantastic pages, they are brilliant, so creative, but what else would I expect from you, lol.xx

  2. Too late! I drooled a good 10 seconds before I started reading! :P

    Oh my word the journal is gorgeous! How I would love to see that in real life - it's going to be amazing when finished!

    Brilliantly well done on the first year of college.And yes, my name is Carmen and I AM a blog addict :P

  3. More lovley work here mum! The journal I loved when I saw it & I think the vine looks fantastic - very impressed... you can brag to me anytime!I love that page, the eye very dtamatic - i'm so pleased you've finished your 1st year - very proud! love you xxx

  4. Oooh lovely work Sandy. I love your one-eyed person! You know it won't be long before you venture into spooky dolls......once you go down the 'different' path you won't be able to stop! The journal looks fabulous. Congrats on finishing your first year but now enjoy your rest over the summer :-)
    (Teacher training? What age?)

  5. What a fantastic journal... It's beautiful. I just can't seem to get into the zone for journalling. Well done for college as well!!! Enjoy the summer...x

  6. The colours look great on the blog and even better in real life. Looking forward to seeing the journal finished. Great to see you again in fact it was a fab day all round. Maybe see you for Sunday journals on 11th? x C

  7. I dont know which I am in awe of most, the cupcake or the journal, both look fabulous! Hope you enjoyed the bun, know you enjoyed the journal it shows in it's brilliance!
    x Michelle

  8. Congrats on completing your first year me lovely... you sooooo deserve that yummy looking chocolate cake. mmmmm I'm So much for my good girl handbag charm... if that was in front of me right now I'd EAT it...ha ha ha

    Love love love your amazing pages in your journal...they are just beautiful and OMG I want that stampotique stamp!!

    Have a fab time at AFTH... I'm soooo jealous and don't forget to show us what you create you lucky girl.

    Chris xx

  9. Congratulations.....on completing your 1st year......on your FABULOUS art work......and on your new look blog!!! Very stylish :)


  10. well done on completing your 1st year, arent you a clever girl and journalling too!!!! love the pages Sandra, as you say very different. Ciao