Monday, May 3, 2010

Better late than Never!

Yesterday we had a bit of a birthday lunch for Uncle Frank's 85th birthday...his first birthday without Auntie Glad. It was just us, being wasn't sombre by any means, we just allowed him to 'be'. We chatted a little about the funeral arrangements, ate lunch, put the TV on for a while so he could watch some snooker...just ordinary everyday stuff, because life goes on. He put on his Sunday best, he looks quite dapper don't you think?

When Andy took him home, I thought I'd try to get my art calendar up to date...

I've still got a little work to do, but here are the pages so far. I used an image from a magazine ( see next photo) The lady looks like she has a lot going off in her head (kinda like me at the moment!) I can't believe how much I messed about trying to mirror the colours and the 'eye' doodley bits in her hair in the MAY title! I had to call it a day and couldn't bear the thought of all that wasted time so I used it anyway!

I decided I liked the tag size I used in my April pages as it gave a little more room to write (just realised I haven't photographed finished April - that will have to be next post seeing as I'm half way through this now!)

See those gritted teeth? That's what I feel like just now!
Sometimes you just have to hole up and wait for better days ahead.


  1. Oooh me likey...very colourful - I was thinking of tags for this month's days but not even started yet!!!

    Happy Birthday to Uncle Frank - It was my aunty's 85th today!!!

  2. Ah bless you Sandra - the image is beautiful and I can understand your desire to replicate in your title. Your Uncle looks good even though I know how hard it must be for him at the moment, just letting him be him is essential and for the rest of you to take each day one step at a time. Your crafting and your art journaling will be there for when you need to put it down on paper in the meantime just hang on in there.


  3. Well from here it looks like you captured those colours brilliantly. Wow - this may be one of my favourites of your calendar pages. Absolutely love it!

  4. Wow, SP. creative or what? Stunning. Glad Uncle Frank enjoyed some quiet time with you and Andy. xx

  5. Your Uncle Frank certainly does look dapper - it will be a comfort Sandra that he has you and Andy for support during this difficult time.

    Your May page is amazing I wouldn't even know where to start to replicate the image (which is also fabby)- you've done a great job.

    Blessings to you all.

  6. He does look so smart what a lovely chap. Your family is brilliant sandra being so close.
    your art work is always very apt and colourful xx janet

  7. How lovely that you are looking after your Uncle, it will help him so much.... he looks absolutely sweet, bless him......

    Thanks for the comment re 'The Hen Weekend'. My sister did all the organiseing, and gave us all an itinary!!!!! I laughed at first, but it was brilliant. We fitted everything in as we had a timescale to work on. The meals in pubs were all pre booked, so no hanging around for tables, so was the boat trip. The challenges were a great laugh. The first one we had to go in groups of four, (we picked coloured hearts out of a bag to get us into random groups, which helped get to know each other rather than always sticking with our bezzies) went into Lakeland and had to spend max of £4 on something that made us laugh for whatever reason. How our group thought of something 'rude' for an orange peeler, tipp brush and passion fruit sauce, i will never know, lol! We also had to go in H and M, find something YELLOW, bleurgh, and wear it visible all day. My sister grabbes some revolting yellow shorts and wore them over her jeans, she looked a !!!!!!!!, but it was hilarious. The PJ party was on the theme of flowers. I decided to stick silk flowers on the front, used 3d paint and wrote on them, and dngled flowers on ribbons from the back. It won me the prize.
    I would start jotting a few ideas down as it really helped us have a brill time. One of Gina's friend went to London on a Hennie a couple of weeks ago and said they all just roamed around aimlessly saying, 'what shall we do now? followed by, 'I don't mind what do you want to do'? She said it was really hard work, and boring.
    SO...... sorry for the waffling on but thought it might give you an insight so you can get it right! It was such a shame Gina was, and still is, poorly, but the excellent plans made the weekend. Phew, BYE xxx
    PS, A bit nearer the time, look on the inter net for money off vouchers. We found half price cocktails and £10 off food at the Slug and Lettuce and 'buy a pizza, get another pizza or pasta dish for just £1 at Pizza Express. Check the expiry dates though! xxx

  8. Ooh, that's so very Picasso-esque!! I love it! I've got a stack of tags that I punched out for March but then decided to do the bunting instead - they are a great size for writing the days events on (way better than the triangles were, but I'm all about style over function!!)

    Your Uncle does indeed look very dapper, bless him. I'm glad he had a nice birthday with you. xx

  9. That's a pretty powerful image Sandra. Hopefully May will bring a little calm into your life.

  10. Oh bless you Sandra, hate to think of you with gritted teeth. Uncle Frank was indeed looking dapper though. A very had day for him it must have been.
    May's looking a little ferocious! Fab colours though and the time wasn't wasted at all!!
    Lesley x

  11. Wow!!! This is great.....LUURRRVVEE the tags!!!
    Your uncle looks so smart....he could certainly teach the younger generation a thing or two!!


  12. Well hey I hope I look that good on my 85th Birthday. Your Uncle Frank is rather a handsome chappie isn't he.
    He will have missed your Aunty but I'm sure you all gave him lots of love and support on his special day.
    Love your pages as always Sandra and blimey that image is so cool... gritted teeth and all. Brilliant!!
    hope everything settles down a wee bit for you soon honey... and that you feel calmer and get some me time.
    Take care of you
    Chris xx

  13. Hi Sandra just catching up with your awesome blogging. Life just gets a bit hectic at times! I am so sorry to read your sad news. These things are never easy. Your Uncle does indeed look handsome. Your pages are looking FAB honey. Sending you gentle hugs. Take care, Gez.xx