Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Phew! That was one HOT month!

I don't know about you but July seems to begin the countdown to Christmas for me...
The first half of the year is over and the next six months are upon us.
Here are my June and July art calendar pages... July is still in progress (I feel free to write that - see comment below!) I used Dyan's Altered Original spray inks and paints for the background which I will continue to work on throughout the month.

June came and went in a blink!

Well I thought I'd better bring this to your attention...

You are either very polite bloggers not to make reference or you didn't notice the spelling mistake about my 'pigrimage'!!! I was looking at my page after I'd posted on my blog and laughed out loud! (in my defense all I can say is that I was so involved in my desire to write neatly and make the word fit in the space I had that I made a mistake!!)
I did get a 'phone call from my mate Gill who seems to be the only other person who spotted it, she asked "What on earth is a pigrimage"!!
Anyway this is how I've had to amend it....

June has been a scorching month hasn't it? I'm not a sun worshipper at all but I have loved the sunshine - I feel as though we've had 'proper' seasons (so far!) this last year - a snowy Winter, a fresh Spring and now a hot Summer.

It's been a strange old month for me, busy on a few fronts, finalising work for College, (thanks for your words of encouragement last post) lots of hospital visits with both Mum and Dad who have had some poor health recently and are feeling weary of all the too-ing and fro-ing...

There is no stopping the onslaught of age and how it affects our loved ones and this year has been tough as we lost my Auntie to Alzheimer's just two months ago. I cannot, absolutely cannot bear the thought of losing my beloved parents. So whether it be in hospital waiting rooms or wherever, I treasure every moment I get to spend with them. Just writing that has been cathartic as I have been resentful because all my time seems to have been eaten up in hospital waiting rooms for the first half of this year - with Auntie Glad, Mum and Dad and myself. I'm looking forward to the next six months and better health for us all!

I'm also looking forward to more of this kind of therapy...

Art Journaling is one of my favourite things to do and yesterday I went for a 'messing around day at Art from the Heart and I got a whole day to play....

It was just wonderful to mess around with no pressure to complete anything...

Being in the company of other like minded people and listening to ordinary, everyday chitter chatter was just what I needed. I was telling Dyan how I flit about in my journals and so it takes me ages before I get a finished piece of work to post and she encouraged me to post 'works in progress' so here they are...

This one is waiting for spray inks...

This one for some words and more doodling...

And these, well I just don't know yet, but I love them even in this bare state. I certainly had fun with Dyan's new Altered Original spray inks...

My own set...

Dyan is really pleased with her inks...they have gone down a storm, if you love this kind of art I encourage you to get some here

Now I love the world of blogging and just to prove how friendly bloggy folk are check out this next photo...last Saturday Andy and I went to an all dayer (a Northern Soul all day dance extravaganza) in Bridlington and I was approached by this lovely lady who recognised me from my blog photograph... what a network of friends you make when you jump in (DO IT Janeyb!) This is chrisg

And as its been such a hot month, here is a photograph of Andy purchasing my favourite tipple at one of our favourite places...a coffee light frappucino - double blended of course! Try it and see what you think...



  1. what a fabulously chatty post Sandy - I lurve all your art journal pages thos finished and infinished those inks look like a must have - think I will drop hints to OH for my birthday!!! How brillinat is it to bump into someone from Blogland and they recognise you??? It happened to me at the GNPE show last year and I felt quite thrilled. Thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog folks have been so kind and I am still riding a high today though my ears are feeling very sensitive as I kept them in for 7 hours yesterday instead of building the time up. so I may have to have less time today xx Dys looked like fun too shes one helluva talented lady xx

  2. Love the tash man!! and no i didnt notice the spelling mistake, but then again i cant spell so...

  3. What a post!!!!!! What a fantastic collection of art journal pages. Oh how I wish I could get to grips with it.
    You are right we have had some lovely weather recently, hope it stays like it a bit longer. x

  4. It was absolutely fantastic to see you today!!! It seems like ages since I've seen you so it was a very pleasant suprise!!
    I love your journaling pages and the work in progress ones.

    Take care

  5. Hiya chickie.... see...your journal pages look fabby finished or not... Now about the photo of me...When did I go in for a boob job..??? Either your camera is wierd or I have one serious bosom growth.!!!!
    Northern soulies are the friendliest of people and I lurve you to pieces Mwah xxx

  6. Well for a start you should feel honoured all you other followers of Sandy's blog that Moi, Janeyb is gracing you with a comment!!!! Sand, at first I thought the reference to me was going to be when I saw the page with the stilettoes on it - ???? Anyway, here I am and your whole presentation has changed - that's why you've been a bit silent - you've been busy having a makeover on your blog. I'm liking the whole look and I'm liking the journalling even more! It's so long since I journalled I'll be in a complete creative block when I next venture into my art cupboard, which incidentally has turned into a health hazard it's so untidy at the moment (I know, I know, OCD me? Think the gremlins have got in!!).

    Anyway, I'm manically getting ready for the hols so I shall love you and leave you and say keep up the good work, I'm in awe of your journalling matey!xx

  7. Some fantastic pages here and have loved reading your post today, had a good chuckle. Anyway the pages are looking fantastic, even better in real life as they say xx

  8. I don't know where you are getting the lovely hot weather from Sandy, its been freezing up here and loads of rain!!!...Holidays here now and it seems to have finally brightened up but that has probably just cursed it!!!

    I love ALL your pages, you are another one who is lucky to get to Dy's for pratting about...I live far too far away and I have major babysitting issues!!! I think I am going to have to get me some of those inks and a few more stencils...

    Have a great weekend...Kirsti xxx

  9. Hi! My name is Elisa and I'm starting with the art journal. I got here by chance and I really enjoyed your work.
    From today you have a new follower,

    Thanks for sharing

    Kisses from Spain

  10. Lovely post to read Sandy! Your art journalling is getting SO brilliant. I love what you're doing. Wish Dyan was nearer to me - it would be a bit of a treck coming up from Devon. We have very little crafty stuff gling on down here.

    I agree that you must treasure every moment with your parents!

    Take care
    Lesley x

  11. Hiya again Sandra .. Your journal pages are brilliant - very inspirational - I cant wait until my inks arrive - Hope you had a great w/end at Brid - one of the best w/enders I've been to in a long time and now i'm all danced and laughed out. Delighted to meet you and Andy (I'm so glad you said yes when I asked if you were Sandra Hall >> would have felt sooo stupid if you'd have said no. Hopefully we'll see you at many more. Prayers and good wishes to you and your folks,also - it can be very demanding looking after someone so ill and yet not (hope that makes sense). May the sun continue to shine on you hunny. KTF

  12. Wow, that was a heck of a long blog post! I love to see your journal pages in progress = they all look fab. Well done for keeping up with the calendar challenge - can you believe we're half way through already?! Hope your parents have good health over the next six months :-)

  13. Had to read that twice such along post. Journal pages look awsome finished or not. Calendar pages are fab.
    See you on Wednesday.
    Pat xx

  14. What a grand post - the calendar is looking good - at least you can look back and see how much you've fitted in when the months fly by. Your journal pages are very impressive too - as for missing letters when you're concentrating -doesn't make you mad? I do it all the time.

  15. Wow, I'm jealous of your day at AftH, and I love all your pages!

  16. Ab Fab pages Sandy totally awesomely wonderful! I think a visit over to dy's is a must after seeing your inky designs.
    Looks like you had a great day
    x Michelle

  17. Well it looks like you had a fabulous time Sandy and what a wonderful post.... just love looking at all of your gorgeous pages. Even the ones you've just started are beautiful so I am glad you share them with us... woweeee you've done such a lot too :D
    Laughed at your spelling mistake (though I shouldn't) cos I am ace at doing that. I have taken to writing the words on a piece of paper and copying them over... I know it sounds mad but that way I don't miss out any letters... I've done it so often it makes me
    Have a great week
    Chris xx

  18. OMG I've missed so many of your posts. Don't let that happen again - come give me a nudge when I'm navel gazing. Prod me with a pinty pencil or something :P

    Oh Im so glad you posted these works in progress - they are stunning! Love them to bits.