Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Stamp = Journal Page!

I teach scrapbooking at the Craft Box in Elsecar. On Friday, when I went to take the class, Lynn had just taken delivery of some Stampotique stamps.......I couldn't resist purchasing one (or two) She also has a sale of some Paperbag Studio stamps so a couple of those dropped into my basket too! And then there was the new stencils for my art journaling...
The downside of all this is that I spent more than I earned! That can't be good can it??!!

Anyway, I had a play with one of my new purchases, I altered her dress using an image from Dyan's Downloads and the borders are by Marsha of Tumblefish Studio, go here to check them out

I love this fish stamp which I bought a few years ago from Blade Rubber Stamps in London...

A close up of my new gal...

We are in the process of packing for our impending move in September but my art supplies are going to be packed LAST... I hope I can keep snatching a few moments to journal and of course I HAVE to create pages for my classes!


  1. This looks fab Sandra...I can never resist when I am in the craft shop either...appparently there are a couple in I wonder if GOG will let me near are you moving to...anywhere nice???...x

  2. Sandra, this is such a great journal page - love it all!
    I too find it so difficult not to spend money in a craft shop. Think of it this way, if you hadn't been paid for the class you would have been even more out of pocket! LoL

  3. Do you know I haven't got this Stampotique you beat me to it will have to take a trip down to Elsecar this week.
    I went with Isabel yesterday to Doncaster "Summer Crafting" and just bought one or two things!
    Love your journal page a brill idea to dress up the Stampotique.
    Pat xx

  4. Wow, what fantastic pages you've created here. Love that new stamp, and can't believe that Pat hasn't got it. How's your Dad, I've forgotten to bring my address book, so can pick up e mails and can reply but without your address, which I can't remember, I can't e mail you. xx

  5. Brilliant! I love the way you altered the Stampotique gal!

  6. Wow you got a Stampotique before Pat!!!!!

    fab pages


  7. Can't believe that I haven't made it to your blog before, but now things are calming down at my end I will be back! Love your stuff, and thanks for the comment on my blog!

  8. I love that fishy stamp. Such a gorgeous page :D